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This article is about Rollo's raid on Paris in 885-886. For other uses, see the Siege in 845 or the Siege in 1429.

The Siege of Paris in 885 to 886 was a Viking raid on the River Seine, in the Kingdom of West Francia during the reign of Charles the Fat.


The Vikings, led by Rollo,[1] Sigfred, and his brother Sinric, arrived in Paris in 885 and began the siege. Following Sinric's death at the hands of Bishop Engelwin and the desecration of his corpse,[2] Sigfred sought revenge. He tasked his niece Toka to journey to England and enlist the aid of jarls Hemming, Halfdan Ragnarsson, and Guthrum,[3] but was unaware that the former two had been dead for nearly a decade while the latter had changed his name and was ruling East Anglia[4] as per the terms of his surrender to Alfred the Great.[5]

With few jarls left living in England, Toka quickly returned from her trip having only managed to enlist aid from the jarlskona Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan.[3] In time, the Vikings managed to infiltrate the city and form alliances inside with various antimonarchist insurgents under Pierre. Charles the Fat eventually allowed the raiders to sail further up the Seine to raid Burgundy to avoid a complete sacking of the city.[6]



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