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Sidroc the Elder (died 871), also called Sidroc the Old, was a jarl during the late 9th century.


Sidroc and his company, including his son Sidroc the Younger, were part of the Great Heathen Army invading England. At some point they marched towards Readingum to join the rest of Halfdan Ragnarsson's army when Geirmund Hel-hide and John joined them. Sidroc had heard about the appearance of Hjorr Halfsson's sons and was inclined to believe Geirmund's story of being pledged to Guthrum and John being a gift for him, if only until they encountered him at Readingum. He promised no one would harm John, as Geirmund's property would be respected like any of the Danes' in the company.[1]

During their march, they intercepted a message concerning the plans by King Æthelred I of Wessex and his brother Alfred to draw out the Danes from their fortifications at Readingum to an open field battle in Ashdown. Seeing a way to test John, he summoned the pair and asked him to read them the message, which he already knew the contents of. The priest was honest in his reading and Sidroc was placated. They then marched for Ashdown.[2]

Sidroc and his group crossed the river near a mound where the Saxons were, attempting to flank, though the Saxons divided their forces while they crossed, sending half of them to battle the group while the rest stayed atop the dun. Halfdan's forces also separated, though the Saxons moved to prevent his army from joining Sidroc's. The Saxons managed to defeat the forces of Sidroc, which they outnumbered, and the remaining warriors fled, with the Saxons in pursuit.[2] Both Sidroc and his son died at Ashdown.[3]



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