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Sichfrith (born c. 862) was the son of Bárid mac Ímair, the Norse-Gaelic King of Dublin, and Sadhbh, an Irish noblewoman.


Early life

Born around 862 as the son of Bárid, the son of Viking leader Ímair, and Sadhbh, an Irish woman, Sichfrith was next in line to become king after his father's ascension to kingship in 873.[1] Sichfrith was proud of his Norse heritage and greatly admired the traditional Viking attributes like courage and manliness. However, he was ashamed of his father, who devoted much of his reign in forming trading alliances and cozying up to the High King Flann Sinna, owining to the Irish's siege of the city in 873. In time, he developed a rebellious attitude though it was ineffective in countering his father.[2] As an act of rebellion, Sichfrith also attempted to join the gang of Thorstein the Red, the son of the late king Olaf the White who led a gang of Vikings.[3]

Meeting Eivor

In 879, Sichfrith attended a feast hosted by his father in celebration of his cousin, the shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir's visit to Ireland. During the event, Sichfrith got into a dispute with his father over his actions to please to the High King and later met his aunt Eivor, who stepped in to talk to him while Bárid left to clear his head. After a short heated and physical exchange, Sichfrith sat down with Eivor outside the longhouse, remarking that his father spoke highly of her. Before Eivor departed to look for Bárid, Sichfrith requested that she teach her how to fight some time.[3]

King of Dublin

Two years later in 881, Sichfrith became King of Dublin following Bárid's death in Clogher during an attack organized by Eogan mac Cartaigh, the secret leader of the Children of Danu. Seeking revenge, Sichfrith planned to lay siege to the Abbot's stronghold in Armagh along with Flann Sinna's army. However, Sichfrith later learned from Azar that the siege weapons he requested had been taken and captured by Armagh, with aid from the Children of Danu member known as The Seed. Eivor aided Sichfrith in eliminating the druid cultist while he joined Flann's army outside the stronghold.[4]

Once it was done, Sichfrith participated in the Assault of Armagh, which culminated in Eogan's defeat and death, ending the Children of Danu's control over Ireland.[5] A year later, Sichfrith and the other Irish kings joined Flann in a meeting in Durrow to discuss the aftermath of Eogan's actions and the fate of the druids. Sichfrith suggested an inquisition in solidarity with the other kings including King Flann. However, this greatly upset Flann's advisor and poet, Ciara ingen Medba, a druid herself and a former member of the Children of Danu.[6]

Behind the scenes

Sichfrith is a character created for the Assassin's Creed: Valhalla expansion, Wrath of the Druids.

He is based on the historical Sichfrith mac Ímair, who is the son of Ímair and the brother of Bárid. Howewer, the expansion portrays Sichfrith as Báirid's son instead.[7]