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Sic Semper Tyrannis was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek and Amunet set out to confront Rufio on his octareme and cut the head off of the Roman Order of the Ancients.


After mourning the death of Tahira, Bayek spoke to Amunet.

  • Amunet: Tahira's death sends a clear message, we must eliminate Rufio. The brotherhood in Sinai is on the brink of extinction.
  • Bayek: Did he land at the Quarry?
  • Amunet: No, at Arsinoe. He is most likely lingering on his octareme.

A vision of Rufio in his octareme was shown. In the vision, a soldier handed Rufio a letter, informing him of the deaths of his lieutenants.

  • Amunet: He is a master at guarding himself, and cutting true fear into the heart of a people.

Rufio read the letter and threw it on the table.

  • Rufio: Where my lieutenants have failed I will not. I won't set foot on that cursed peninsula of savages, but they will bow to me.

Rufio sent his soldier away. Back in the present, Bayek followed Amunet, climbing onto horses. They made their away to Arsinoe.

  • Bayek: So is Rome chaos, or is the triumvirate bringing peace?
  • Amunet: Rome is a cracked wall, run by a drunk, a lunatic and the leader of the Order. Octavian scares us all. Rufio left from under my watch, and I caught word of what happened at the bureau. But there are good souls too in Rome. What of Memphis?
  • Bayek: The Hidden Ones are fine. But with no clear pharaoh, we are lost. I worry our temples have been sold away. And then, there is Cleopatra.
  • Amunet: She has brought prosperity to Alexandria. This I cannot deny. It is her lover's army that bothers us now. Marc Antony bears the same stench of tyranny that Caesar did.
  • Bayek: Rufio carries this same odor.
  • Amunet: Yes, to the Sinai. Which is why we must be the welcoming party...
  • Bayek: ... of fire and blood.
  • Amunet: We did not choose this path. It chose us.

Amunet and Bayek arrived at the city, discovering it in flames and citizens fleeing.

  • Woman: Bayek! Bayek! Quick you must help us, the village is being attacked!
  • Bayek: By Amun, how do they know my name?

They left the horses and engaged the Roman forces.

  • Roman Soldier: Dirty Nabateans! Do not stand in Rome's way!
  • Amunet: This is a bloody massacre.
  • Bayek: Defend the Nabateans!
  • Amunet: This is madness! Why are they killing civilians?
  • Bayek: Something is not right.

Amunet and Bayek eliminated the soldiers.

  • Bayek: The battle is done. Now I should kill the man who sent these soldiers, Rufio.

Bayek rode a boat and sailed towards Rufio's fleet. Aboard the general's ship, he read the correspondence from the vision.

  • Letter from Jibade: Salutations, General Rufio.

We are assembling a considerable force as per your instructions. I write for assurance from you concerning Marc Antony and Cleopatra. Their liaison is the topic of much conjecture here in Egypt (as I'm sure it is in Rome). Can Antony in fact guide the policy of Cleopatra? And not, as many fear, the reverse: continually be led by her? We were heartened by his marriage to Octavian's sister. However, the marriage does not appear to have quelled his passion for Cleopatra in the least! Enough gossip. I remain committed to you and your project,

  • Letter from Marc Antony: Rufio,

Please show greater deference when corresponding with Cleopatra. Must I remind you that she is the Queen of Egypt and must be treated as such? I appreciate your efforts to bring Caesar's systemic order to this mystical land, but I cannot have you openly defying her. Heretofore, please pass all correspondence through me for approval.
Marcus Antonius

  • Rufio: Where is my wine?
    Don't forget to feed my lion, if he is hungry, I will make you his meal!

He discovered Rufio and attacked him.

  • Bayek: This is for Tahira!
  • Rufio: You will not break me down!
  • Bayek: Shut your mouth, Rufio.
  • Rufio: You are not a man at all! Less than a fly! The Hidden Ones are dead!
  • Bayek: Your Order will crumble!

Bayek defeated and killed Rufio. The Mentor kneelt in front the dead Ancient's body. Before Bayek could put the feather onto Rufio's head, a hallucination of Rufio interrupted and appeared behind him.

  • Rufio: Why have you broken my plans?
  • Bayek: The Hidden Ones will never allow the Order of Ancients room to breathe.
  • Rufio: So it is true, the Hidden Ones exist.
  • Bayek: We thrive.
  • Rufio: Strange that you want the same things we want: peace, order. And, yet our ideas will survive. You could kill me but you cannot kill us.

Apparitions of the Order of the Ancients appeared behind Rufio.

  • Rufio: Caesar built a strong order before he was stabbed in the back by your cowardly wife.
  • Bayek: Our power burns in the shadows.
  • Rufio: And we create those shadows.

Bayek angrily shoved the feather above Rufio's body, sending him to the Duat.

  • Bayek: May the Hidden Ones bury you. Anubis awaits.


Bayek assassinated Rufio, thus ending the Order of the Ancients' influence in the Sinai.


  • The words Sic Semper Tyrannis is a latin phase meaning Thus always to tyrants. The Templar agent John Wilkes Booth said these words after he killed Abraham Lincoln.


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