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"It seems that the Piece of Eden that Miss Thorne is seeking is a Shroud of Eden, which the Assassins recovered at some point before they left London. Where that Shroud is, or why Miss Thorne seeks it, are still a mystery."
―Evie Frye on the Shroud of Eden, 1868.[src]-[m]

Shroud of Eden #2 is a Piece of Eden, a piece of ancient and technologically advanced equipment created by the First Civilization to control humankind, their workforce. The original Shroud was designed and created by Consus, an Isu scientific genius, in 1923 Isu Era, as a medical field kit, before more were made based on his design.



"I hope you never find the Shroud, you have no idea what it truly can do."
―Lucy Thorne to Evie Frye, 1868.[src]

This Shroud was discovered by the British Assassin Edward Kenway, during his travels after 1722. He subsequently claimed possession of the Shroud and secreted it to a hidden location with the Tower of London. Edward then left clues to the Shroud's location within his journal, should later Assassins ever need to find it.[1]

Following Edward's death, the Shroud was rediscovered by Albert, Prince Consort to Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and once again moved to a specially built crypt beneath Buckingham Palace. By 1868, both the Assassins and Templars were looking for the artifact. Ultimately, it was found and worn by Crawford Starrick, Grand Master of the British Templars, during a confrontation with Evie Frye, Jacob Frye, and Henry Green. Though physically augmented by the Shroud, and effectively immune to damage, Crawford was eventually killed when the Assassins managed to remove the Shroud from around his neck. The Shroud was then returned to its resting place.[1]

There the Shroud remained, until 2015, when an Assassin cell, comprising Shaun Hastings, Rebecca Crane, and Galina Voronina, with support from Bishop and a Helix initiate, managed to locate it through the Initiates' reliving of the Frye twins' genetic memories. Independently, a Templar team comprising Isabelle Ardant, Juhani Otso Berg, and Violet da Costa had also identified the Shroud's location, and engaged the Assassins in order to retrieve it.[1]

Eventually the Shroud was recovered by Violet da Costa, and brought to Álvaro Gramática for use in the Phoenix Project - Abstergo Industries' latest attempt to completely sequence a First Civilization genome. Secretly, Violet and Juno together sought to use the Shroud to develop a suitable body for the latter to physically inhabit.[1]

Powers and capabilities

Evie: "The Shroud will not protect you!"
Starrick: "You're wrong! The people of this city, my people, shall supply its energy!"
―Evie Frye and Crawford Starrick speaking about the power of the Shroud

Like the prototype Shroud of Eden, this Shroud was capable of healing wounds of varying severity, mending injuries such as normally fatal stab wounds.

When worn by Templar Grand Master Crawford Starrick, the Shroud not only gave him enhanced healing abilities, which repaired any injury almost instantaneously, but also augmented his strength by absorbing the vital force of someone. As examples, he could easily stop Jacob Frye by "exploiting" him with the power of the Shroud or overpower the Frye twins and Henry Green when engaged. This augmented strength was lost, however, after being physically separated from the Shroud.



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