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ACO Shrine of Whispers Interior

Interior of the shrine

The Shrine of Whispers was a natural cave hiding a shrine in the Green Mountains region of Cyrenaica during the 1st century BCE.


Melitta, a healer and a priestess in nearby Balagrae, withdrew there to torture the civilians she had kidnapped. These included her fellow healer and friend, Praxilla. In time, the Medjay Bayek of Siwa discovered the cave thanks to info by Praxilla's friend Crios. Entering the cave, Bayek eliminated Melitta and her guards before freeing Praxilla and the prisoners. [1]


  • The place was named by Praxilla's friend, Crios, who had been tortured to the point of disability, and Bayek took the name from his ramblings.[1]
  • At the center of the shrine stood a statue of Hekate.




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