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Shop quest was a special quest given to the Italian Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze by several types of shops in Rome, during the Renaissance. These quests could only be accessed at the stores located on Tiber Island and required Ezio to gather rare tradeable items in order to obtain certain items from the store that could not be bought under normal circumstances.

Rare items could be found in treasure chests throughout Rome, and within Lairs of Romulus. They were also available by tackling Borgia messengers, by killing and looting Cento Occhi thieves or Hermeticists, or by sending Assassin apprentices on certain contract missions.[1]

Blacksmiths' quests


  • Items needed: 3x Terracotta Pot, 2x Totem, 2x Buddhist Prayer Beads.
  • Reward: Unlocked the Captain's Sword.


Blood Money

Art merchants' quest


Tailors' quest

Pulling Threads

  • Items needed: 8x Silk, 5x Cardinal's Purple Dye.
  • Reward: Unlocked the Large Quiver. (Increased crossbow bolt limit by 5)

Doctors' quest


Behind the scenes

After completing "Venomous," regular poison is no longer available for purchase.

Aconite can only be found on Borgia Messengers until you have The Da Vinci Disappearance DLC, then it can also be found on Hermeticists.

In the PC version, all items required for the shop quests could be gained by investing florins into any shop found in Rome.

Shrunken Heads shouldn't be sold because they can only be found in two locations, if one is sold, the Exotica shop quest cannot be finished.



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