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Shipwrecked was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ezio entered the Arsenale di Venezia in search of a Templar treasure held within.


Ezio entered the drydocks and assassinated the guards inside, before he made his way up to the upper decks and overheard a ruckus between a man and a Brute guard.

  • Worker: So kill me then. At least I will have my honor, unlike the son of a pig farmer standing in front of me!

The Brute beat up the dock worker and threw him into the water below, causing a ladder to fall down to the lower level. As he watched the man fall, an Agile walked in.

  • Brute: He should have kept an eye on his men. Trying to break into the treasury is a serious offense.
  • Agile: We needed him to build the ships! Now I'll have to go find another shipbuilder. Next time, inform the watch when you question an intruder instead of dealing with it yourself! Asino (donkey).

Ezio killed the Brute, and seeing this, the Agile ran off to inform the other guards.

  • Agile: Cazzo (fuck)! Assassino (Assassin)!

On seeing this, Ezio chased after the guard, but he was too fast for him.

  • Agile: I'm outpacing him!
    Leave me alone!
    He's not going to get me!
    Have to find a way out before he kills me!
    Kill the Assassin!

Finally, the Agile ran into a room with the other guards, and warned them of the Assassin. Subsequently, Ezio killed all of them, before noticing a door with a Templar insignia for a handle. With this in mind, he entered the treasury and swam to the other side of the room, where he found the Templar strongbox and claimed its contents.


Ezio collected the Templar treasure and returned to Venice.


It is possible to kill the fleeing Templar before he reaches the other guards. If the player moves quickly enough, there is a chance that Ezio can do a jumping kill with the Hidden Blade. Otherwise, when approaching the guard post, there is a short window for the player to use throwing knives or the Pistol to kill the runner before he closes the door. If successful at either of these, the player can then sneak past the guard post.



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