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Shima Sakon was an altered representation of one of Yamauchi Taka's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


First dialogue

  • Naomasa: Ha! Our enemies crumble before us!
  • Taka: Calm yourself, Naomasa. While this fight has been won, the battle is not yet decided.
  • Naomasa: Yes, you're right. No cause for celebration just yet. Ishida Mitsunari will certainly attempt to send reinforcements.
  • Taka: Over half of his force has yet to enter the battle. They could outnumber us greatly if they advanced. Why do they hesitate?
  • Naomasa: In secret, Tokugawa Ieyasu has promised leniency to many of them if they opt not to fight, or to turn to his side.
  • Taka: Are they so certain of defeat?
  • Naomasa: They lack a true leader. Mitsunari is commanding their side of the battle, but ambition above his station has made his allies reluctant to obey him.
  • Taka: But we still have--
  • Naomasa: Aagh!
  • Taka: Rifles from the North! Pull back, everyone, out of range! Naomasa, are you okay?
  • Naomasa: Fine. Barely a scratch.
  • Taka: That scratch, as you call it, is bleeding heavily. Who fired on us? I don't recognize the banners.
  • Naomasa: Shima Sakon. The man can shoot like no other.
  • Taka: I've heard the name before. Stay here and see to your wound. I shall return.
  • Naomasa: Taka! Where are you going?
  • Taka: I'm going to pay a visit to Sakon. I intend to let him know he is just as vulnerable as we are.


  • Sakon: You will not claim me so easily, intruder!
  • Taka: You may have escaped me this time, but I will return. Mark my words.
  • Sakon: Go ahead! You can try a hundred times, and still you will not claim my life.
  • Taka: Then I will try a hundred and one.


  • Taka: You claim to shoot well, Sakon, but this time it wasn't enough.
  • Sakon: So it seems. Still, I served as best as I could. I have no regrets.
  • Taka: You should have aimed for me instead of Naomasa.
  • Sakon: This is war. You don't aim at individuals, you aim to reduce overall numbers. That I hit anyone of note is mere chance.
  • Taka: Naomasa will be sad to know it wasn't personal.
  • Sakon: He lives, then? I see he has luck on his side, whereas I do not.
  • Taka: He claims the injury is less severe than it actually is. He lives, but I doubt he will go to war again.
  • Sakon: So there something to be shown for my efforts after all.
  • Taka: Yes. You have done your part, and now your role in this story is over.
  • Sakon: Then I bid you farewell.


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