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Shield or Blade was a visual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan in 2018 through the Portable Animus HR-8.


None can cheat the weighing, or so Bayek believes. Until the blind Oracle Nena tells him of a corrupted soul trying to enter the Duat.


Outside the Hall of Knowing, Bayek met a woman who called for him.

  • Nena: You have come, champion of Thoth.

Bayek approached the woman who closed her eyes.

  • Nena: Can you feel it? A monstrous shade is at the gate. It threatens to devour us.
  • Bayek: I feel... nothing.
  • Nena: A heart. Blackened, fetid, so loathsome and heavy. It must have deceived the scales.
  • Bayek: No... but the weighting cannot be cheated. All must stand before the judgement of Osiris.
  • Nena: The corruption comes here, it will defile the world, blight the wheat that makes our bread. Poison the wine we drink. You must stop it, Bayek of Siwa.
  • Bayek: How do you know my name?
  • Nena: Your Ren was whispered by Thoth, the knowing one. He breathed it in my ear.
  • Bayek: What is the god's will?
  • Nena: There is a ritual, dark and heretical. Unearthed in the time of the Son of the Aten and locked away in the Hall of Knowing. You must bring it to me.

Bayek entered the Hall of Knowing, looking through the scriptures in the hall. He first read a scripture on a table.

It is Esrme who is complaining
The son of Kllaouj has wronged me. My lord, Osiris I appeal to you, render justice to me for the things that he has done to me. He does not consider me. He has left my bed and now lies with Nemanub. Great one among the spirits I desire that he spends forty days and forty nights hanging on me like a dog on a bitch, like a boar for a sow. For I am the one who calls and he is the one who must desire.
  • Bayek: A woman's prayer to Iset to make her unfaithful husband return to her.

He came across a number of scrolls on a shelf.

Book of the Dead: Prayer
I am yesterday, the dawn, and tomorrow. I command the rebirth of souls, of all nature and all nature's mysteries.

Bayek approached another side of the hall, reading another scripture on a table.

Honored Serqet
I beg, I invoke you Serqet, bester of Apep, bring out the cold, the chill, the evil eyes, the mania and the crying from my son. Extinguish the fiery furnance of his brow. I adjure you by your names and your powers.
  • Bayek: Healing rituals and spells.

He read another scroll on a nearby shelf.

Book of the Dead: Prayer of Protection
My hair is that of Nu, my face is that of Ra; I see with the eyes of Hathor and hear with ears of Wepwewet. I smell with the nose of the lotus leaf, my lips, Anubis; my teeth, Selkis and Iset. My arms are the ram; my breast is Neith, goddess of Sais; my back is Set's back; my phallus is Osiris, giver of life; my belly and spine are Sekhmet; my buttocks, the Eye of Horus; My thighs and legs are Nut; my feet are Ptah. My toes are living falcons. There is no part of me without of a god and Thoth protects all my flesh.

Bayek climbs into the locked room.

Bayek approached another corner and read a scroll on the table.

Renenet, coiled cobra, you whose gaze destroys your enemies, Enou asked you to curse me and you did. My crops wither on their stalks, blighted by beetles, Great Thutmose, I fall at your feet. Without your blessing, my family will starve. End this plague that has befallen me and send me nature's bounty.
  • Bayek: Harvest prayers. A farmer asking the Pharaoh for bountiful crops.

He read another scroll on a shelf.

Book of the Dead: Ritual to Give Strength to the Dead
In the sacred barque place a bowl painted in ochre with images of Atum, Shu and Tefut, Geb and Nut, Osiris and Iset, Set and Nephthys as well as an image of the Dead's Ba whom you wish to be made worthy. Anoint the bowl with oil. Offer insense on the fire with roasted ducks and pray to Ra. He for whom this is done will voyage with Ra every day everywhere he wishes. The enemies of Ra will be driven awat. This is as true as the number of stars in the sky.

Bayek approached a locked door.

  • Bayek: The forbidden scripts are behind, there must be another way in.

Bayek looked as a ball of light went into the next room through an opening at the top. He scaled up the wall and entered through the opening. As he scaled down, he read another scroll.

The Great Hymn to the Aten
How manifold it is, what you have made!
They are hidden from the face of all.
O' sole god, there is no other!
You create the world according to your desire.
When you sink beneath the western horizon,
The land is in darkness, as if in death.
The old gods are dead at your hand.
  • Bayek: The hymn to the Aten, the heresy of the Pharaoh's father.

Bayek finds the ritual scrolls.

Bayek proceeded further into a room, reading another scroll on a shelf.

Curse her
I, the miserable, the wreteched, ask you Ammit the devourer to take my sister. Bring upon her the twelve curses. A worm and blood flow out of her all the days of her life. Strike her womb and make her barren, numb her heart. Make her without hope. For she married the man I love.
  • Bayek: These texts, they reek of forbidden scriptures.

He read a letter from Nefertiti to Akhenaten.

To the King, my lord
My sun, my god, the breath of my life. At the right hand of my King, I sat and gazed across our city. The Horizon of the Aten, this great testament to the Sun Disk. What work we have done, to tear our people from obscurity. They will carve our names upon history, as the bringers of the true faith, the bringers of light.
Neferneferuaten Nefertiti
  • Bayek: Nefertiti's letters to Akhenaten about the founding of their city.

Behind a sculpture, Bayek recovered the scrolls mentioned by Nena.

Heretical Texts
A ritual to destroy the Ka. Dark and forbidden by the gods of the netherworld.
  • Bayek: This is it... A ritual that perverts the weighing ceremony? By the gods, no...

Bayek made his way out of the hall.

  • Bayek: This is dark heka indeed, I hope the Oracle understands the pact she makes.

He returned to Nena.

  • Nena: It is a perversion of the Book of Breathing, intended to annihilate a man's Ka.
  • Bayek: This cannot be Thoth's wish? To defy Anubis the counter of hearts?
  • Nena: It is true this ritual is forbidden, sacrilege. But we must not let the poison seep through the veil.
  • Bayek: What would you have me do?
  • Nena: See with my eyes.

Bayek and Nena prepare the ritual.

Nena opened her eyes, displaying a white iris. Bayek displayed the same white irides as she did, then departed to collect the items for the ritual. Bayek talked to Nena before collecting the items.

  • Nena: We must hurry, it may already be too late.

After collecting the final item needed for the ritual, Nena's voice rang in his head.

  • Nena: Return to me where the Duat begins.

Bayek returned to Nena near the entrance to the Duat.

  • Bayek: I have the things for the ritual. But... is there no other way? To destroy a man's ka is...
  • Nena: Do you know how this one tricked Osiris? How they avoided the devourer Ammit? By using the heart of an innocent, a child. I do not have to tell you what that means, Bayek.
  • Bayek: Then let us begin.

Bayek initiated the ritual by placing the ingredients into a brazier.

  • Nena: The warriors of the Jackal will try to stop us. Do not let them.

Warriors of Anubis try to stop the ritual.

Nena began the ritual, while Bayek stood by to defend her from the Anubis guardians.

  • Nena: I invoke you, Lord of Silence. Give us your heka and your nekhakha.
    I invoke you, Devourer, soul-sucker, punisher. For we seek to banish an unclean soul from this realm.
    May your name die. May your body decay. You shall be turned back from heaven and earth, your soul will never stand before Osiris.
    Thy soul destroyed, thy body destroyed, thy ka destroyed.
    Am-k ari her em reth xesef neter. Am-k ari her em reth xesef neter. Am-k ari her em reth xesef neter!

More warriors of Anubis arrived.

  • Nena: Anubis is angry! Still they come.

Bayek defeated more of them.

  • Nena: The Jackal understands! His guardians will not oppose us much longer.

Bayek defeated the last of the guardians as Nena finished her ritual.

  • Nena: May you enter the afterlife with your enemy.

A portal appeared, with Lucius Septimius, a member of the Order of the Ancients, passing through.

  • Bayek: Septimius! No, you will not corrupt the field of reeds as you corrupted me. Apep, devourer come!

Bayek stops Septimius from entering the afterlife.

Bayek confronted the soul of Septimius wielding the essence of darkness. A cloud of darkness engulfed both Bayek and Septimius as they both cried in pain. The cloud eventually consumed Septimius before disappearing, leaving Bayek no worse for wear. Nena spoke to Bayek.

  • Nena: These demons, the souls you take? They will not deny you passage. Be at peace. Your heart is heavy no more.

Later, Bayek spoke to Nena once more, freed of the guilt that plagued his heart and manifested in the ordeal.

  • Nena: Thank you living one, you have stopped a great injustice. Anubis will welcome you when your time comes. May you live forever beneath the imperishable stars.


Bayek helped Nena to conduct a ritual to banish one's soul from crossing to the afterlife, later revealed to be a member of the Order of the Ancients, Lucius Septimius.


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