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Sharp Lessons was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Thyia, acting General of Lalaia, asked Kassandra to meet her at Kephisos Spring to discuss strategy.


Kassandra met with Thyia at the waterfall basin outside Lalaia.

  • Thyia: Good to see your face again.
  • Kassandra: Yours too.
  • Thyia: Lalaia is the daughter of Kephisos, god of this spring. It's said that she lives in these pools.

She turned to face the waterfall.

  • Kassandra: Thyia, right? Periktione told me you've been acting as general. Though, from what I saw earlier, you and your sister don't see eye to eye.
  • Thyia: Peri would die folded in prayer before she asked for my advice.

  • Kassandra: Sometimes we want a comforting voice that says everything will be OK, rather than to be confronted with harsh reality.

  • Kassandra: Her distraction has allowed the Sons of Xerxes to advance.

  • Thyia: And now we are on the knife's edge waiting for the slaughter and we have done nothing. I must prepare myself to fight and hopefully the others too. Can you teach me?
ACOD Sharp Lessons 3

Kassandra accepting Thyia's challenge

  • Kassandra: Your sister says you act like a general. Let's see if you fight like one.
  • Thyia: I'm ready.

They drew their weapons. Kassandra administered a few strikes.

  • Thyia: I told you not to go easy on me!

Kassandra hit harder in response.

  • Thyia: You hit hard.
ACOD Sharp Lessons 5

Thyia defeated by Kassandra

Eventually, Kassandra subdued Thyia and put her on her knees. She stood slowly.

  • Thyia: Well, that was humbling.
  • Kassandra: The Sons of Xerxes won't be as kind.
  • Thyia: No, it's a good wake up call. One I wish Peri could have. But big sister always knows best.
  • Kassandra: Sounds like she's always given you a hard time.
  • Thyia: You could say that. Acting like the hero while I do the dirty work.

  • Kassandra: Now you're the hero.
  • Thyia: One can only hope to live up to that title. I've been playing soldier too long, and now I'm stuck in the role of Perseus... while feeling like Andromeda.

  • Kassandra: Now you have the Eagle Bearer on your side.
  • Thyia: Then you'll be the Perseus to my Andromeda.

  • Kassandra: A village of women abandoned by their army and forced to take up the sword? Sounds like a story worth singing, to me.
  • Thyia: I don't care what songs they sing of my deeds, I care about protecting my sister and my village. If it is to my dying breath, then so be it, I will fight.

  • Kassandra: I seem to recall legend saying that Andromeda was nude and tied to a rock.
  • Thyia: Was she? I'll have to remember that the next time I'm reenacting the myth. Lalaia has a rich heritage for theater, though not so much for fighting.

(If players asked "What is the role of women in Lalaia?")

  • Kassandra: Spartan women are taught to keep up with Spartan men. Lalaia seems different.
  • Thyia: It is an oversight that I've been pushing to correct. When the men leave for war, our defenses are limited to a few hunters too valuable to leave, or young men who can barely hold a spear.
  • Kassandra: And now that the hunters are dead...
  • Thyia: We're more exposed to attacks from the Sons of Xerxes than ever.

(If players asked "Why aren't you the leader?")

  • Kassandra: I've seen kings and commanders. You share their temperament.
  • Thyia: Peri married the governor. I am unwed. Spinsters do not become leaders. We exist on the fringes.
ACOD Sharp Lessons 6

Kassandra and Thyia discuss their strategy

(If players chose "There's still a lot to be done.")

  • Kassandra: We should get back to the task at hand. There's still a lot to do.
  • Thyia: You're right, but it's hard to know where to start. I need to train the others for war, but we are without weapons and armor. No blacksmith... but his daughter is still here.
  • Kassandra: What about the hunters you lost?
  • Thyia: We need to train replacements. There's also a camp close by—likely the Daughters of Artemis. They're not a friendly bunch, so we've been doing our best to avoid them.
(If players have become the leader of the Daughters of Artemis)
  • Kassandra: I've run into them before.
  • Thyia: I won't pry.

(If players asked "Where can I find new hunters?")

  • Kassandra: Who should I train to hunt?
  • Thyia: I've met with some volunteers from the village. They've got a little experience, but need to have their bow arms straightened. You can find them on the edge of Lalaia.

(If players asked "What does the blacksmith's daughter need?")

  • Kassandra: Not sure how useful I'll be to the blacksmith's daughter.
  • Thyia: Methiadusa mentioned needing some materials before she can get started. Between you and me, she needs a little push. She's been helping her father at the forge since she could walk, but she still doubts her own abilities.

(Leave – "I should get started.")

  • Kassandra: I'll get to it.

The two women parted ways, and Kassandra set out to shore up Lalaia's defenses.


Kassandra briefly trained Thyia in combat, then outlined their defense strategy for Lalaia.




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