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Shark the Vagrant was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra met a vegetable merchant couple in the Cursed Valley of Pali.


  • Civilian 1: Misthios! Fresh vegetables for your journey—the juciest in Kephallonia!
  • Kassandra: I'm not really in the market for vegetables.
  • Civilian 2: No one is. Our stock is practically decomposing.
  • Civilian 1: We're trying to make enough drachmae to get out of Kephallonia. It's about time we moved on.
  • Kassandra: I know what you mean.

The couple looked at each other.

  • Civilian 1: Wait. Kreusa, you think she could help us?
  • Civilian 2: I think she could.
  • Kassandra: You'll have to tell me what it is, first.
  • Civilian 1: Are you scared of sharks, misthios?

  • Kassandra: I'm not scared of anything.
  • Civilian 1: That makes one of us. A very hungry one swims in our way of leaving Kephallonia.

  • Kassandra: Have you seen their teeths?
  • Civilian 1: Believe us, we have—and we won't go near them again! A shark is guarding our one guaranteed way out of Kephallonia.

  • Kassandra: A shark?
  • Civilian: He guards a precious necklace. We get it, sell it, and leave Kephallonia! The old bandit who found it first buried the necklace on the shore, near a temple.
  • Civilian 2: And the fool didn't think! Water rises. Now, the necklace may as well belong to the shark. Vegetable-drachmae is all right, but necklace-drachmae is best.

  • Kassandra: I know what it's like to want to leave Kephallonia.
  • Civilian 2: Who wouldn't? We have nothing here. As many vegetables as we please, but no hope.

  • Kassandra: If it's so valuable, why wouldn't I just keep it for myself?
  • Civilian 2: A good deed? A gesture of goodwill? An escape from our life of produce?

  • Civilian 1: It's buried in a chest. If you get it for us, we'll take what we need to get out, and you can keep the rest!
  • Kassandra: All right. I'll kill your shark.
  • Civilian 2: You'll skewer him.
  • Civilian 1: You'll find him deep in the Ruins of Kranioi down south.
  • Kassandra: Buried treasure usually has a story.
  • Civilian 1: The necklace was said to belong to Prokris—you know, the wife of Kephalos. On the eve of their wedding, he gave it to her as a promise of fidelity.
  • Kassandra: Well, we know how that turned out.
  • Civilian 2: Typical. At least he returned to Prokris in time for her death.
  • Kassandra: Where on the island are these ruins?
  • Civilian 2: You know the Sunken Islet of Zeus? Find that, and you'll find the ruins.
  • Kassandra: To the shark's temple I go.
  • Civilian 2: I'll never look at another vegetable again after this.

Kassandra travelled south near the ruins of Kranioi and found the sunken temple. With Ikaros' help, she identified the necklace held in a chest in the temple ruins.

  • Kassandra: The necklace is down there.

Kassandra killed the sharks and dive down to loot the chest. She resurfaced and returned to the vegetable merchants, handling the necklace to the wife.

ACOD - Shark the Vagrant 2

The husband thanking Kassandra

  • Civilian 2: You've found it! That's the necklace!
  • Kassandra: That shark put up a good fight. He must've liked it.

The wife turned to her husband.

  • Civilian 2: We can finally leave! No more vegetables.
  • Civilian 1: We'll have a new life. One far from our past.
  • Kassandra: I know what that's like. Good luck.


Kassandra helped the merchants to recover Prokris' necklace. This fulfilled their wishes of leaving Kephallonia to lead a new life.


  • The name of the memory is a reference to the webcomic, Hark! A Vagrant by Katy Beaton.


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