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Shakir al-Zahid was an Assassin of the Spanish Brotherhood during the Renaissance.


Shakir al-Zahid was a Turkish warrior and headhunter famous for always fulfilling his contracts during the Renaissance.[1]

Shakir was a tough and resilient man, familiar with the tactics of criminals; he was able to hold his own against multiple attackers. His dedication to capturing his prey was so great that he travelled thousands of miles to the Emirate of Granada in pursuit of a vicious Turkish murderer who fled there to continue his killing spree. Shakir dispatched him and brought his body to the local authorities for payment.[1]

Muhammad XII, the Sultan of Granada, caught wind of his dedication and offered him a king's ransom to work for him exclusively. Shakir accepted and performed his duties with ruthless efficiency. Trusted greatly by the Sultan, Shakir sometimes received information on the criminals he was hunting from the Assassins, the Sultan's allies.[1]

After the fall of Granada in 1492, Shakir was left jobless, and with no love for the Spanish, he sought to honor the memory of his former employer. He contacted the Brotherhood through his previous contacts and offered his services to them in hunting their Templar enemies.[1]




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