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Shadya's Rest was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


After killing the Crocodile, Bayek returns to visit his grieving friends Hotephres and Khenut. He finds them bitter and broken, and in need of his help.


Bayek reached Hotephres's farm in Philadelphia. There, he found Hotephres on the second floor with a woman.

  • Bayek: Hotephres? What is going on?
  • Hotephres: My friend, you came. I am glad.
  • Bayek: Who is this? Where is Khenut?
  • Hotephres: My wife is... wherever she goes. Withdrawn and cold. This is... yesterday. She was just leaving.
  • Woman: You are a pig. I was bored anyway. Thanks for the wine.
  • Hotephres: Khenut is probably down at the lake. I will take you to her. Let me know when you are ready to go.

The woman left the house. Bayek followed Hotephres outside the villa.

  • Bayek: Hotephres, what is this? What are you doing? You will lose everything.
  • Hotephres I know, I know. I am useless to anyone right now.
  • Bayek: Then stop being useless. Be angry. Pick up your sword and start fighting.

They mounted horses and rode down to the lake.

  • Hotephres: I hung up my sword years ago. I only got involved because Apollodorus practically demanded it. He thought us all threatened by some grave conspiracy. Now Shadya's dead.
  • Bayek: Something big is happening. You were right to try to help.
  • Hotephres: I was stupid! I did not want to do it. Khenut insisted, said it was our duty. If I had not listened to her Shadya would still live.

They reached the lake and got off their horses. They walked towards a small shrine.

  • Hotephres: She will be up ahead. We built a shrine by the water. Shadya loves the water. We feed the fish before supper. I mean... she did... we used to...

They found Khenut kneeling at the shrine.

  • Bayek: Khenut. It is good to see you... Khenut?
  • Hotephres: This is how she is now.
  • Khenut: (crying)
  • Bayek: There's something that might help. In Siwa, we have a ritual to mark a loved one's passing. Would you mind?
  • Hotephres: Go ahead.
  • Bayek: The ritual requires something. I will return shortly.

Bayek hunted down a heron and collected its feather.

  • Bayek: I have what I need.

He returned to the shrine. Khenut prayed as Bayek and Hotephres approached her. They heard a commotion going on behind them, where a soldier was talking to a farmer.

  • Greek soldier: You'll do what you're told, you lazy shit. If you need more grain, grow more. It's not my problem.

Before anyone could do anything more, Khenut stood up and confronted the man.

  • Khenut: Captain!
  • Hotephres: Khenut, no! We can't.

Khenut glared at Hotephres, and he stepped aside.

  • Khenut: I know you're not extorting grain from this farmer. Because you'd know that would be violating several Egyptian laws. As officals of Faiyum, we both know it. Don't we?
  • Greek soldier: I will see you soon, Official.

The soldier left the place.

  • Khenut: My husband, we must shake off our grief. We cannot let others suffer too. Not when we can stop it. You were a fighter once. It is time to fight again. You see yourself the corruption. There is no-one to protect the people. This is not over.

Bayek went after the captain, who was accompanied by several soldiers.

  • Greek soldier 1: Why did we not just kill that Egyptian cow?
  • Greek soldier 2: Oh, don't worry. The commander has got something special planned for her. I know her type, proud and defiant. Thinks she's untouchable. See how proud she is when we remove her tongue. We'll come back tonight and gut her quietly. What do you think? (Laughs)

Bayek assassinated the captain and his guards.

  • Bayek: He will not be missed, but he spoke of a commander. Someone else is giving the orders. This is not over.

He recovered a badge from the captain's body.

  • Bayek: An insignia! I do not recognize this. Maybe Hotephres knows more.

Bayek returned to Hotephres and Khenut by the shrine.

  • Hotephres: You live.
  • Bayek: They'd marked Khenut for death. Death found them first.
  • Hotephres: I envy them. Well, it had to be done. These soldiers do not seem to understand anything else.
  • Bayek: There's more. The captain was under orders. I found this insignia on him. Do you know it?
ACO Fort Boubastos insignia

Insignia of Fort Boubastos

Bayek showed them the insignia.

  • Hotephres: Yes. This is not good. It is from Fort Boubastos, to the east. Run by another malakia who thinks himself untouchable.
    Khenut was right. People will continue to suffer unless we act. Bayek, I am sorry to ask this. We need your help.
  • Bayek: You have it. There's something I must do first, though. I will return soon.

They approached the shrine, and Khenut knelt anew. Bayek joined her and took out the heron feather, conducting a Siwan ritual for Shadya. Khenut glanced at Hotephres, who knelt beside them, too.

  • Khenut: Shadya, my lotus. No other will suffer as you did, I swear it. Goodbye, my little tadpole. Swim forever free.


Bayek attempted to help Hotephres and Khenut get over Shadya's passing. The sight of farmers being extorted by Ptolemaic soldiers motivated them to overcome their grief and fight against Ptolemy XIII's rule. Bayek helped to assassinated the captain plotting to eliminate Khenut.


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