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Shadows of Apollo was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek finds one of Apollodorus' spies, an agent of the divine manipulation of the threads, locked up in the barracks of Balagrae.


While in the Balagrae Roman Barracks, Bayek came across a prisoner in a cage.

  • Gupta: I will not betray the black land, despots!

Bayek approached the prisoner.

  • Gupta: I am an Egyptian like yourself, Medjay. For the safety of Egypt please, we must escape.

Bayek freed the prisoner, and escorted him out of the barracks. Once far enough, the man stopped and addressed Bayek.

  • Gupta: Who sent you? Apollodorus? I would not have betrayed Egypt!
  • Bayek: You serve Apollodorus?
  • Gupta: I am part of his divine manipulation of the threads. A viper in the long grass of Cyrenaica. We are compromised. I know not how or by who, but that is how the Centurion found me. He has a list of spies.
  • Bayek: Not all men will stand up to torture as well as you.
  • Gupta: Find the Roman, see what information he has. He patrols the border towers.
  • Bayek: For Egypt.
  • Gupta: For a free Egypt.

Gupta ran away, and Bayek searched for the Centurion, patrolling the towers on the Eastern border. Eventually, Bayek found the Roman, and killed him and his guards, recovering a note.

  • Apollodorus' Agents in Kyrenaika:
    Antion. Refused to speak, so we cut out his tongue
    Setefu. He was their leader, so we killed him first
    Nikmeth. Preferred to starve than to speak
    Davi. Captured at the brothel.
    Nefertani. Woman. It seems these Egyptians allow women to do the same as men, we killed her as one
    Ilamesu. Crucified by Brutus Severus.
    Patmose. Drowned in the sea.
    Gupta. Balagrae barracks. We will break him.
    Khati. Roman Fort. Caught when he stopped to pet a cat, still alive, gave us everything.
  • Bayek: There is another spy, Khati at the East Roman Fort. I should rescue him.


Bayek helped to rescue one of Apollodorus' agents in the Balagrae barracks. He then travelled to eliminate the Roman centurion and retrieved the list of Apollodorus' remaining spies.


  • Shadows of Apollo and His Secret Service share the same quest target. So if both quests are in the quest log, and the centurion is killed, both quests are completed at the same time.


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