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Shadow of a Legend was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra tracked down a trail of bodies left behind near Potidaia.


After helping Natakas and the civilians, Kassandra headed uphill, following the trail of bodies and blood left behind. She was dismayed at the carnage.

  • Kassandra: They left none alive...

She investigated a body.

  • Kassandra: They didn't deserve this. The bodies lead towards the river...

Kassandra approached the river, finding bodies of several Spartan soldiers.

  • Kassandra: Dead Spartans. And more up the river... I need to find who did this.

Kassandra headed upstream.

  • Kassandra: How do Persians know who I am?

As she headed upstream, she discovered more bodies, this time those of the Persian soldiers she encountered earlier.

  • Kassandra: Clean kills... These Persians didn't see it coming.
ACOD Shadow of a Legend - Kassandra Investigate Body

Kassandra finding the Order Elite's body

Kassandra headed further up, finding two more dead Persians near a construct.

  • Kassandra: Guards. Must be on the right path...

Kassandra climbed up the construct and found the body of the Order Elite.

  • Kassandra: The Elite Guard. Someone got to him before me. Someone skilled.
ACOD Shadow of a Legend - Kassandra Attacked

Kassandra attacked by a hooded man

As Kassandra approached the body, a mysterious hooded man fell upon her with a sword. Kassandra blocked the attack with her spear, and the stonework collapsed beneath them. They both tumbled through the collapsed hole into an abandoned sanctuary. As Kassandra recovered, she turned to the hooded man, who stood with his back turned.

  • Kassandra: Who are you?

The hooded man brandished the distinctive blade strapped to his right arm and turned around. He readied to attack Kassandra. Kassandra drew her weapons and landed many hits, careful to avoid his unique weapon.

  • Kassandra: That blade...
  • Kassandra: Not bad.

The man cast aside his sword and drew a dagger to dual wield with his blade. He performed numerous feats of agility.

  • Kassandra: Maláka.
ACOD Shadow of a Legend - Standoff

Darius and Kassandra standing off

As they fought each other to a standstill, Natakas arrived.

  • Natakas: Father, no!
  • Unknown: Natakas! What are you doing?
  • Natakas: This is the Eagle Bearer!
  • Kassandra: That's your father?!

The man stared at Kassandra.

  • Unknown: The Eagle Bearer...

Their confrontational glares faded as they realized they were no true threat to one another. The man withdrew his blade.

  • Unknown: We have to leave, Natakas. More soldiers are coming.

The man left as Natakas approached Kassandra.

  • Natakas: Our hideout is below the Rock Arch. Find us there.

Natakas left the sanctuary, followed by Kassandra some distance behind. Ikaros swooped down from her side and flew the length of the river as Kassandra's latest odyssey began in earnest. Kassandra pondered her new acquaintances.

  • Kassandra: Who are these people?

Following Natakas' advice, Kassandra traveled to their hideout below Rock Arch. As she entered, she heard the men arguing.

  • Natakas: You attacked the Eagle Bearer. She could have killed you.
  • Unknown: Enough. It's over.
  • Natakas: Every time I think we've escaped...
  • Unknown: They're the Order.
  • Natakas: I know.

Kassandra reached the inner chamber.

  • Natakas: It's not the first village they've hit. The Order's presence here is increasing.
  • Unknown: Even more reason to keep to the shadows.
  • Natakas: And let innocent lives be lost?
  • Unknown: Innocent lives were lost.
  • Natakas: You can't do everything yourself.
  • Unknown: We have to be careful, Natakas. You know that.
ACOD Shadow of a Legend - Kassandra Observing

Kassandra observing Darius and Natakas

Kassandra emerged from the shadows, catching their attention and airing her latest grievances.

  • Kassandra: Burning villages, Persians commanding Spartan soldiers, getting ambushed by an angry old man. I am not in a good mood. Answers. Now.
  • Unknown: How did you find us?!
  • Natakas: I told her.
  • Unknown: Any more secrets you want to share?

(If "What is happening here in Makedonia?" was chosen)

  • Kassandra: You must know what's going on here.
  • Natakas: The Persians you saw commanding the Spartans—
  • Unknown: The Order of the Ancients. A powerful secret group who have controlled Persia across the reign of countless kings.
  • Kassandra: Secret organization... Few of those going around.

(If "Tell me about yourself." was chosen)

  • Kassandra: I asked you this before when you tried to kill me. Who are you?

The man squinted at her before finally revealing his name.

  • Darius: Darius.

  • Kassandra: I need more than a name.

Natakas appealed to his father.

  • Natakas: She's earned it.

  • Kassandra: Give me something. We've already fought once today.

Natakas appealed to his father.

  • Natakas: Just tell her, father.

ACOD Shadow of a Legend - Kassandra Questioning Darius

Darius' allegiance questioned

  • Darius: There have always been people who lust for power and control. And there have always been people who oppose them.

He turned to walk towards the desk full of his information.

  • Kassandra: And which are you?
  • Darius: Let me tell you a story of the great King Xerxes...

He gazed down at the desk.

  • Darius: It was many years ago. In Persia...
ACOD Shadow of a Legend - Xerxes Convoy

King Xerxes' convoy

In a flashback, Xerxes' convoy traveled through a valley. A number of individuals dressed in Persian garb launched an attack on the convoy from the cliffs, forcing them to stop.

  • Persian Elite Guard: To the king!

The attackers clashed with Xerxes' men, who easily overpowered them, while some of his men closed ranks around him. Xerxes took the opportunity to gloat at their failure.

  • Xerxes: Nothing. Your deaths mean nothing. The Order cannot be stopped.
ACOD Darius assassinate Xerxes

Xerxes assassinated by Darius

A guard dropped his sword and removed his mask from behind Xerxes, revealing himself as Darius. He drew his hidden blade and stabbed Xerxes in the neck.

  • Darius: Yet for all their power, they couldn't protect you. Not from me.

Darius pulled his blade from the wound. Xerxes clutched his wound in vain before bleeding to death on his throne. The scene returned to the present.

  • Darius: They've been after us ever since.

  • Kassandra: You're telling me an old man in the middle of nowhere Makedonia killed the god-king Xerxes. Maláka.
  • Darius: Believe what you want, Eagle Bearer.

  • Kassandra: It's not every day you meet someone with such a story to tell.
  • Darius: It's not every day I tell it.

  • Kassandra: But the Order—they're here now. Burning down villages and killing innocent people. What are they looking for?
  • Darius: Not us. We were safe here. The Order of the Ancients lost our scent long ago. No... The Huntsman is hunting you. You and your kind. The Tainted Ones.
ACOD Shadow of a Legend - Darius Scroll

Darius handing a scroll to Kassandra

Darius picked up a scroll and walked over to Kassandra. He extended it to her.

  • Darius: And now you have a choice to make. Fight them or disappear.

Kassandra accepted the scroll as Darius walked away.

  • Natakas: Father...

After the two left, Kassandra was left in the hideout to contemplate her latest threat.

  • Kassandra: I need to know more about this. Maybe Natakas can give me some answers...


Kassandra's investigation of the trail led her to come face to face with Darius, Natakas' father. She later learned from them of the Order of the Ancients, who came to Makedonia to eliminate individuals like her.


Behind the scenes

Some of the dialogue in the memory directly contradicts later established lore. Darius states that the Order wasn't looking for him and his son and had lost their trail long ago. However in Assassin's Creed: Rebellion the Helix Rift Event The Hunter's Hounds sees Darius hunting the Order after they kidnap his son. These events are said to directly proceed the happenings in this memory.


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