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Seville is the capital and largest city of the autonomous community of Andalusia and the province of Seville, Spain.


Middle Ages

During the Reconquista, many Spanish Assassins were implanted in the city, among whom were María and Aguilar de Nerha.[1]

In 1492, the Templar-backed Spanish Inquisition captured the Assassin Mentor Benedicto, María, and Aguilar and brought them to Seville, where Grand Inquisitor Tomás de Torquemada branded them as heretics and pronounced that they were to be burned at the stake for their crimes. Benedicto was burned but María and Aguilar managed to escape the execution and the city.[1]

Around the same time, a renowned brothel by the name of La Reina Sonriente (The Smiling Queen) was active in Seville, owned and operated by the local Thieves' Guild. Flora de la Cruz and Angela Carillo were regarded as its top courtesans.[2]

Modern times

In 1715, the pirate Edward Kenway was due to be shipped to Seville with the Spanish Treasure Fleet, following the revelation of his trickery to the Spanish Templars in Havana.[3]

During the mid 18th century, the Grandpré business sent ships to Seville to import and export several goods.[4]

In December 2016, after discovering that an Apple of Eden was buried with Christopher Columbus in the Seville Cathedral, the Templars Alan Rikkin went to the church along with his daughter Sofia and Ellen Kaye to recover the Apple.[1]




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