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Setting the Stage was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


In Elis, Kassandra met the actor Thespis again.


Passing near the theater, Kassandra heard a familiar voice.

  • Thespis: Look at all these people. What do they need in their lives? Some excitement. A little magic.
  • Rhodanthe: And you think you can deliver that?
  • Thespis: Magic.

Kassandra approached them.

  • Kassandra: Thespis? Are you acting in another play?
  • Thespis: Kar, Kal... Kassandra! Aristophanes' friend! And my friend too. I'd be nowhere without your support.
  • Kassandra: I suppose if I hadn't carried you out, you might still be in that tavern.
  • Thespis: On the floor!

The women were not amused. Rhodanthe spoke up.

  • Rhodanthe: Thespis had this "brilliant" idea to put on a play in this town. He's got a reputation as a great actor, so I thought, "this could be a huge success." I'm beginning to think I thought wrong.
  • Thespis: No, no, everything is under control. You keep an eye on the ticket sales, my darling Rhodanthe, and my friend Kassandra will take care of everything else!
  • Kassandra: I promise you, I know nothing about theater.
  • Thespis: Don't be so modest. You'll be known as the hero who made "Leonidas and His 300 Spartans" the play of the century!
  • Kassandra: The play is about King Leonidas? You know, my family—
  • Thespis: Your family can come, of course. I'm sure they'll be proud to see you. Just help me tell that glorious hero's tale.

(Accept – I'll help put on your play about Leonidas.)

  • Kassandra: I'll help Thespis put on the play. The story of Leonidas must have its due.
  • Rhodanthe: Very well then. I expect you to deliver.

Kassandra nodded at her and then turned her attention back to Thespis.

  • Kassandra: So what do you need done?
  • Thespis: Bring wine. Not for me, for our audience!
  • Kassandra: So you think the audience won't listen to the tale of Leonidas unless they're drunk?
  • Thespis: They won't be drunk, just appreciative!

("Where can I find the wine?")

  • Kassandra: Where are you keeping the wine?

Thespis rubbed his head.

  • Thespis: Well, I had wine. But then the local military commander commandeered... Heh, I should put that in the script. "The Persian Commander commandeered the, uh... casks." That's it.
  • Kassandra: Then I'll have to re-commandeer it myself. Where is this commander?

Rhodanthe spoke up.

  • Rhodanthe: He kept the expensive wine and left the rest for his soldiers. An ordinary audience might be content with the cheaper drink.
  • Kassandra: If we serve the best wine, we could get a more sophisticated audience. It might be harder to get to, but worth it.
  • Thespis: You speak my language! Better wine could mean a more generous crowd.

("Where can I find the wine?")

  • Kassandra: Where are the two places the wine is being stored?
  • Thespis: Most of it is in the Stable of Ares. But the good stuff? That's in Demiurgi Fort.

("I'll go get the wine.")

  • Kassandra: I'll take care of everything.

She left the two and headed to get the wine.


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