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"Rumors from Thebes abound! The gods are angry! Stories of horror unimaginable, brought forth by golden light from the gods!"
―Egyptian preacher, c.38 BCE[src]

The Seth-Anat stone

The Seth-Anat stone was an Isu artifact found within the Seth-Anat Tomb, deep in the Egyptian Desheret Desert. The artefact appeared to hold the power to reanimate the dead.


Around 38 BCE, rumours started to spread from Thebes that the dead had risen. After hearing the rumours the Hidden One, Bayek of Siwa, travelled deep into the Desheret Desert to investigate.

Returning to the Seth-Anat Tomb, Bayek found himself set upon by a number of undead soldiers as he made his way into the tomb. Once inside, Bayek happened upon the injured tomb robber, Parh, who informed the Hidden One that he had removed an artefact from the tomb and saddled it on his camel before being set upon by the undead. The camel had run, taking the artefact with it.

Bayek eventually managed to locate and retrieve the artefact, all the while combating the undead soldiers who had arisen, and returned it to the tomb.


The Artifact was shown to have the power to reanimate the deceased. However, when the stone was returned, the curse was lifted.