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Seth-Anat Tomb was an ancient Egyptian tomb connected to the Isu vault, Qeneb.too Kah'Aiye, and located in the Desheret Desert.


For leading an army against a group of Nubians in ancient Egypt, the general Amneher was immortalized in a painting in the Seth-Anat Tomb.

Around 48 BCE, the tomb was visited by the Medjay Bayek of Siwa, before he reached the vault.[1]

Around 38 BCE, Parh, a traveller looking for treasure, removed an artifact from the Desheret Desert complex, which activated the complex and created illusions of undead soldiers. Bayek investigated the area upon hearing rumours of strange lights in the desert, and fought through the illusions. At the traveller's behest, the Medjay-turned-Hidden One sought to recover the artifact from the traveller's camel, which had run off. After finding the artifact and fighting through yet more illusions, Bayek returned the artifact, but was ambushed by more undead soldiers.[2]