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Seth, also known as Set, was an Isu revered as the ancient Egyptian god of the desert, storms, disorder, and violence.

In legend, Seth was the brother of Osiris and Isis. He married Nephthys and fathered the mummification god of the dead, Anubis. Seth later killed and dismembered Osiris, resulting in Isis using the Ankh to resurrected him for one night, long enough to conceive his son and heir Horus.[1]

By the 1st century BCE, a tomb was built in the Desheret Desert, named after him and Anat. The tomb itself was connected to an Isu vault, Qeneb.too Kah'Aiye.[2]


  • In art works, Seth is usually depicted as an enigmatic creature called the sha, a beast resembling no known creature, although it could be seen as a composite of an aardvark, a donkey, a jackal or a Fennec fox.
  • One of the Isu messengers was called 'Seth Anath messenger'.[3]



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