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This article is about the serial killer in Sinai. You may be looking for Seth or Set, the god in Egyptian mythology.
"You are the incarnation of Iset! Come to stich her husband together. You shall not!"
―Set to Bayek in 38 BCE[src]

Set (died 38 BCE) was an Egyptian serial killer who operated in the necropolis in the Sinai during the reign of Cleopatra.


During the late 1st century BCE, the man who fashioned himself as an incarnation of the god Seth, based himself in a secret hideout in the necropolis situated in the mountains of Sinai above the Klysma Quarry. There, he desecrated and cannibalized on the remains of the deceased that had been buried there. Due to the his laughter and howls and the residents being unable to deduce his location, it led many to believe the necropolis to be haunted, avoiding the area since.[1]

Eventually in 38 BCE, he was tracked down by the Hidden One Bayek of Siwa, who discovered his hideout and eliminated him.[1]




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