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Set-Ma'at was an ancient Egyptian village located near to the Valley of the Kings. Home to the workers who constructed the various tombs within the Valley, Set-Ma'at's own denizens were entombed in the hills above the village.


In 38 BCE, the Hidden One Bayek of Siwa travelled to the village in pursuit of Irsu's nephew, who had a stolen relic of Nefertiti in his posession. Reaching a necropolis above the village, Bayek came across a group of bandits, who were pursuing a thief hidden within a tomb. Bayek eliminated the bandits and made his way into tomb. There, Bayek convinced the thief to hand over the relic.[1]

Around the same time, Bayek later met a woman named Raia at the necropolis, whose brother's tomb had been desecrated by a group of bandits. Bayek agreed to helped her investigate, finding a hammer at the site of the desecration which belonged to her husband Anen. Bayek later helped Raia to rescue her husband who had been arrested for supposedly being the one who desecrated the tomb.[2]




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