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Serial Offender was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


The Assassin Ezio Auditore came across a trail of blood, which lead him to the body of a deceased girl propped against a wall, along with a girl crying and mourning over her body. The grieving courtesan told Ezio that her friend, Mina, had been murdered by a man named Malfatto. With the help of the local courtesans, Ezio tracked down the killer and ordered one of his apprentices to assassinate him.


Offender 2

A courtesan informing Ezio of Malfatto's location

Ezio followed a trail of blood to two courtesans, one of them deceased.

  • Ezio: Who did this?
  • Courtesan: That monster, Malfatto!
  • Ezio: Did you see him?
  • Courtesan: That way!

The courtesan pointed to Ezio's right, directing him towards the path that Malfatto had fled to, before turning back to her lifeless friend.

  • Courtesan: Oh, Mina. I told you not to come out here...

Ezio followed the signals that the courtesans of the district gave him, finally locating Malfatto.

  • Ezio: Animale! (Animal!)

Ezio ordered one of his apprentices to assassinate Malfatto. Following this, Ezio gave the murderer his last rites.

  • Ezio: Requiescat in pace (Rest in peace).

Out of habit, Ezio reached down to close Malfatto's eyes, only to realize his face was covered by a mask. Knowing this, the Assassin lifted his hand away.


Following the directions of several courtesans throughout the streets, Ezio managed to catch up with Malfatto, and subsequently directed one of his apprentices to assassinate him.


  • Even if the apprentices were used to assassinate Malfatto, the proceeding cutscene would still show only Ezio in the memory corridor.
  • If Ezio skipped the final courtesan checkpoint, he could walk up to Malfatto and kill him with the Hidden Blade, still achieving full synchronization.
  • It is possible that Malfatto will not spawn when he is supposed to, forcing the player to either wait or restart the memory.



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