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Serapis Unites was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


A priest of Serapis asks for assistance in freeing his drummer, a man who was unjustly jailed by the Phylakitai.


Bayek approached the Serapeum of Alexandria, overhearing a woman.

  • Woman: The ka is gone! So few Egyptians are coming to temple! Where are my seni and senu!

Inside, Bayek approached the statue of the god, and knelt.

  • Bayek: Great Serapis. Are you as merciful as Amun?
ACO Serapis Unites - Lysander Greeting Bayek

Lysander greeting Bayek

A priest approached Bayek from behind.

  • Priest: Welcome, brother.
  • Bayek: Thank you, Priest.
  • Priest: It is good to see Egyptians come back. Since my drummer was jailed, it has been... quiet.
  • Bayek: The silence is striking.
  • Priest: A tanner jailed my drummer. Accused him of stealing a precious Nubian lion skin from the dye vats. Poor soul even worked for him. Tragic. He is an honest man.
  • Bayek: Leave this in my hands, Priest.
  • Priest: Medjay! My drummer is in the Kibotos arsenal nearest the library. Serapis walk with you.
  • Bayek: And you, Priest.

Bayek headed to the Kibotos Arsenal and eliminated the guards there. He found the drummer locked up in a cage.

  • Drummer: You! Yeah, big guy! You have got the look of a man who can heft things. Namely... me. And my injured foot.
  • Bayek: I come on the priest's request, drummer.
  • Drummer: Then get me out of here, Medjay!

Bayek unlocked the cage and carried the drummer on his back.

  • Bayek: I cannot help but think you seem cheerful for a man unable to walk.
  • Drummer: You jest, surely? This is the best day of my life. My foot will cost that tanner!
  • Bayek: Surely your health is worth more than that.
  • Drummer: If I can prove nothing, you would be correct. That is where you come in, friend.
ACO Serapis Unites - Bayek Carrying Drummer

Bayek carrying the drummer

Bayek carried the drummer out of the arsenal and put him down.

  • Bayek: What is it you think I can do?
  • Drummer: Find the fools who stole it, of course. Return that skin and clear my name!
  • Bayek: Who stole the lion skin?
  • Drummer: I turned away from the lion skin for a moment and a bandit nabbed it, and ran away. I lost him in the crowd. It happened in the Egyptian district. The guards, of course, blamed me. Though life, being an Egyptian in Alexandria.
  • Bayek: I will find them, then.
  • Drummer: Go on! Get that skin! I will be fine. Just need to rest my leg. Then I will go and meet the Priest. You clear my name!
ACO Serapis Unites - Bandit Hideout

The bandit hideout

Bayek headed to the Egyptian district of the city. He infiltrated a warehouse belonging to the bandits.

  • Bandit 1: Tanner lied about that skin. It is almost worthless.
  • Bandit 2: You know the Greeks. Easy enough work, stealing from him. Skins for days.
  • Bandit 3: This is better than fishing. I've yet to get the smell of crocodile out of my nose.

The bandits discovered Bayek and attacked him.

  • Bandit 2: Look! This one has a Medjay badge! A dead breed should stay dead.
  • Bandit 1: You think you're tough? I'll show you tough!
  • Bandit 3: Look at that sword! I'll take that from you, big man. Wouldn't want you to get hurt playing with it. Take him out!
  • Bandit 2: We're not doing anything wrong, Medjay! I swear on Serapis himself.
  • Bandit 1: Why attack us? We've done nothing wrong. Well, mostly nothing wrong.

Bayek killed the bandits and retrieved a lion skin dyed blue from one of them.

  • Bayek: This is the skin? Oh, this poor beast. Blue is no color for a lion.

He returned to temple where the priest, the tanner, and the drummer were waiting.

  • Tanner: This man is a thief!
  • Priest: Peace, Theon! He claims to not have stolen a thing. Do you wish Serapis displeased with you?
  • Theon: No...
  • Drummer: I am going to sue you for my broken leg you neket iadet.
  • Priest: That is not helping.
  • Theon: I knew you Egyptians were all alike! This is what I get for hiring you! Thieves all!
  • Priest: I have my best man on this. We will fix it.
ACO Serapis Unites - Resolution

Bayek helping to resolve the conflict

Bayek approached them.

  • Theon: I'm the wronged party here! My skin was stolen.
  • Bayek: And if you want it back, you'll pay him for his suffering. And make amends by kneeling to Serapis.
  • Theon: This is your answer, Priest? Extortion? Fine.
  • Priest: I fear Serapis and I have a long road ahead of us. Blessings on your journey, brother.


Bayek rescued the drummer and freed him from the services and abuse of the tanner, Theon.



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