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This article is about the memory of Arno Dorian. You may be looking for the event.

September Massacres was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Arno met with Napoleon Bonaparte to learn of Frédéric Rouille's location.


Arno entered Napoleon's office.

  • Napoleon: This morning I was accosted by three men carrying some poor soul's head atop a pike. Seems they mistook my uniform for a mark of nobility, and demanded I shout "Long live the Republic" to prove my allegiance.
  • Arno: I suppose handing out tricolour cockades is now passé. What did you do?
  • Napoleon: I shouted "Long live the Republic."
  • Arno: A man of principle.
  • Napoleon: Life is more valuable than dignity. But this is what happens when you give command of the government to half-starved lunatics, and command of the army to bloodthirsty savages.
  • Arno: Rouille.
  • Napoleon: I wanted him assigned to some out-of-the-way garrison, but the man redefines the term "friends in high places." He's untouchable.
  • Arno: But you know where I can find him.
  • Napoleon: Rumor about the barracks is that he and a unit of his cronies plan on marching on the Grand Châtelet this afternoon. If he were to meet with an accident, few in France would suffer. My career certainly wouldn't.
  • Arno: Well, practice your speechmaking.

Arno reached the Grand Châtelet, and surveyed the area. He saw a group of Rouille's guardsmen disarming the prison guards.

ACU September Massacres 3

The prison guards being made to surrender

  • Guardsman 1: Get their weapons! Nobody try anything!

Arno saw Rouille's men throwing a guard off a tower while taking positions there. He then saw Rouille holding a pike with the head of the prison warden's brother on it.

  • Rouille: Come on, boys! Find me a warden!

Arno infiltrated the prison.

  • Prisoner: No! No, put me back! Put me back!

The prisoner was thrown to his death.

  • Guardsman 2: You hear that? They make such a lovely noise on the way down.
  • Prisoner 2: Animals!
  • Guardsman 3: I wonder what a nob sounds like when his skull cracks like an egg, eh?

In the courtyard, Rouille's men held the prison guards hostage.

  • Guard 1: Sons of bitches!
    This is inhuman!
    You'll go to the guillotine for this!
    God will judge you!
  • Guardsman 4: Silence!
    Don't make this harder on yourselves.
    Don't move!
    Hands where I can see them!
    No tricks!
    Watch them, men.
    Keep an eye on them.
    No sudden movements!
    Keep still!
    If they try anything, shoot them.

Arno killed Rouille's men, saving the prison guards in the courtyard.

  • Guard 1: (Thank you, sir.) I don't know what unit you serve with, but thank you.
  • Arno: You can thank me by getting to the walls and stopping these killings.
  • Guard 1: (Yes sir!)

Arno continued through the prison.

  • Guardsman 5: Fucking hell. What a mess.
  • Guardsman 6: What do we do with the bodies?
  • Guardsman 7: Ah, leave 'em.
  • Guardsman 8: What are we waiting for? More traitors to deal with.
  • Guardsman 9: Look at these posh bastards. Bet they weren't fed on bread and water.
  • Guardsman 10: Check their pockets - bet they've got some goodies.

The guards freed by Arno fought against two of Rouille's men.

  • Guard 1: Hold fast, men!
  • Guard 2: Cut them down!
  • Guard 3: Protect the prisoners!
  • Guardsman 11: Death to the traitors!
  • Guard 4: Beat them back!
  • Guardsman 12: (Long live the Revolution!)
  • Guard 3: Steady!
  • Guard 2: Into the breach!
  • Guard 4: Hold that line!
  • Guard 3: Kill them all!
  • Guardsman 13: Where's the warden?
  • Prisoner 3: Burn in hell!

The prisoner was thrown out of the window.

  • Guardsman 13: Anyone else?
  • Prisoner 4: He's... He's on the roof.
  • Guardsman 13: Good lad. Come on, boys! Upstairs!
ACU September Massacres (memory) 2

Rouille with a pike

The remaining prisoners were killed. Arno subsequently reached the roof, where Rouille taunted the warden and held his brother's head on a pike.

  • Rouille: Look, Warden! Your brother's here to visit! Don't you want to see him?
    Come now, Warden! Let's have a cheer! (Long live the Revolution!)
    What's the matter? Not a fan of liberty? Freedom bores you?
    Ah! Look, he misses you!
    Tut tut, Warden! Your brother will think you rude!
    Mind, he's lost a bit of weight since last you saw him!
    Oh, are you sulking, Warden?
    Well, I'm terribly sorry, Warden! Only, well... we couldn't find the rest of him!
    Well if you don't want it, I suppose... I suppose it would make a fine souvenir!
    (Ye sons of France, awake to glory, Hark, hark! what myriads bid you rise!)
    Come on! Sing! SING!

Arno climbed onto the side of the prison tower occupied by Rouille's men. Using a torch mounted on the side, he lit fire to a flag and the tower, killing its occupants. He then fought Rouille.

  • Rouille: At him, boys!
ACU September Massacres 4

Rouille being assassinated

Arno assassinated Rouille. Through his target's memories, he saw Rouille at Mirabeau's address at the Tennis Court Oath.

  • Mirabeau: If you have orders to remove us from this hall, you must also get authority to use force, for we shall yield to nothing but bayonets!

Rouille and the crowd applauded. After the Oath, Mirabeau passed Rouille.

  • Mirabeau: Ah, but to administer is to govern, to govern is to reign. That is the essence of the problem.
  • Rouille: Mister Mirabeau?

Rouille motioned to shake hands with Mirabeau, only to be rejected. Germain then appeared.

  • Germain: Pathetic, isn't it? Surely France deserves better?
ACU September Massacres 4

Rouille listening to his prisoner

Germain offered Rouille a Templar pin. The then vision changed to Rouille interrogating the prisoner at the Jacobin Club.

  • Rouille: What was that?
  • Prisoner: Palais du Luxembourg....
  • La Touche: Rouille? Clean up your mess. It's time.
  • Rouille: Told you I could make him talk.

The prisoner was thrown out of the window. The vision then changed to the Templar meeting shortly after.

  • Germain: You've done well, Captain. Marie?
  • Lévesque: The price of grain is higher than ever, Grand Master. Our agents are in place to divert the shipments to our docks. They await only your command.
  • Germain: Good... Starve them. Through famine and fury they will see their false masters for what they are... But do it gradually.
  • Lévesque: What you're asking will take at least a year, Grand Master. If not two.

The vision ended, and Arno escaped.


Arno assassinated Rouille. Through his memories, he learned of a Templar plot to starve France and incite riots, led by a woman named Marie.


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