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The Sentinel

The Sentinel (harvested from: Vali cel Tradat) was an Animi Avatar used by Abstergo Industries to train the recruits in the second stage of their Animi Training Program. His specialty weapon was a sword called a katar.

Unique moves[]

The Sentinel had several unique moves:

(Low Profile, Front)

Cautiously walking up to his target, the Sentinel unsheathes his katar, before slapping the back of his hand into their face and spinning to build up momentum. Dazing his victim slightly and leaving them no chance to defend themself, the Sentinel brutally stabs them in their stomach, before withdrawing his weapon and watching his target fall to the floor, where they slowly die from their deep wound.

(Low Profile, Back)

After silently walking up to his victim from behind, the Sentinel grasps his victim's shoulder and forcefully throws them to the floor. Leaving his victim no way to recover from the sudden attack, he unsheathes his katar and impales them in the spine, sheathing his weapon while they lie bleeding to death.

(High Profile, Front)

Rushing at his target head-on, the Sentinel slides his leg underneath theirs and trips them backwards. Being left disadvantaged on the floor, the Sentinel removes his katar from his belt and impales his victim in the heart, before leaving them for dead.

(High Profile, Back)

With his katar in his right hand, the Sentinel runs at his target from behind, before roughly grabbing their left arm with his own. Placing his weapon against his victim's body, with the blade pressed at their neck, the Sentinel pulls their arm and twists them around. Flipping them over his katar, he slices his target's neck as they fall to the ground, their body bleeding out as he stores his weapon away.

(Bench Kill)

Grabbing his seated target's foot, the Sentinel drags them off the bench until their head rests against it. Before his victim can do anything to defend themselves, the Sentinel forcefully kicks them in the face, violently sending their head backwards and breaking his target's neck on the bench behind them.

(Aerial Kill)

Jumping from the edge of a building, the Sentinel lands over his target with his katar in his hand, before stabbing them in their chest. Piercing his victim's heart, he stands up and sets his weapon back at his belt, while his target bleeds on the ground.


  • "Time to rest."
  • "You should thank me."
  • "How does that taste?"
  • "Maybe next time."
  • "Coward."
  • "Revenge is sweet."
  • "See you in the darkness."


The Sentinel could be customized in different ways:


  • Basic: Forest green.
  • Extra 1: Yellow ochre.
  • Extra 2: Steel gray.

In-depth customization:

  • Heads:
    • Head 1: A thin moustache with soul patch facial hair.
    • Head 2: A full beard.
    • Head 3: A thick moustache and a soul patch, with a small scar on the cheek.
  • Chest:
    • Chest 1: A colored tunic folded over a slightly longer, white tunic, adorned with white embroidery.
    • Chest 2: A long colored tunic, reaching past the knees, with white embroidery at the bottom. Over this, a thicker, gray tunic embellished with details.
    • Chest 3: A short-sleeved, closed colored tunic combined with purplish-blue cloth.
  • Arms:
    • Arms 1: A tooled leather vambrace on the left arm, with the undershirt sleeve visible on the right arm.
    • Arms 2: Buckled, plain leather vambraces on both arms.
    • Arms 3: A plain vambrace on the left arm, and a black ring and ribbon tying the right sleeve.
  • Legs:
    • Legs 1: Striped, white pants with tan boots.
    • Legs 2: Purple-grey pants with gray buckled boots.
    • Legs 3: Gray pants with plain black silken boots.
  • Belts:
    • Belt 1: A white sash with a large leather belt and a smaller leather belt over the top of it.
    • Belt 2: A brown ornate belt with a black leather belt over it.
    • Belt 3: A white sash with a simple belt over it.
  • Accessories:
    • Accessory 1: A white, striped hooded cape with a leather ailette in the left shoulder.
    • Accessory 2: A primarily gray cape, with the bottom of the cape and hood decorated with embroidery. Thicker, black ailettes on both shoulders.
    • Accessory 3: A white cape and hood, with a thick gray, embroidered line at the edges.

Main weapons:

  • Long Katar: Primary.
  • Dagger: Secondary.
  • Long Sword: Secondary.

Secondary weapons:

  • Hidden Blade: A two-hinge, folding Hidden Blade attached to the wrist.
  • Pike: A small pike dagger attached to the back of the belt.
  • Small Katar: A small katar, similar to a push dagger, attached to the back of the belt.