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Selwyn (died 877), also known as The Gallows, was a Anglo-Saxon member of the Wardens of Faith sect of the Order of the Ancients in England during the 9th century. Holding the title of Palatinus, Selwyn worked as a reeve in the town square, in the city of Wincestre.


Selwyn came from fortunate beginnings, which showed him being accustomed to being superior over servants and serfs surrounding him. However, his disdain for his father's habits, such as cheating, drinking, and dwindling their monetary resources, made Selwyn disgusted with his own family line. He rose above such manners and unbecoming ways, which he believed was from giving the weak too much leeway. Thus, given the Order's backing, Selwyn abused his power to enforce laws and to enact rulings, as he was trying to destroy human effluence.[1]

Viking shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir returned home to Ravensthorpe after securing certain alliances. When Hidden Ones member and friend Hytham sent for her to talk, Eivor decided to meet and catch up with him. Hytham told Eivor to confer with Randvi on pledging towards Wincestre, as the "Poor Fellow-Soldier of Christ" contacted them once again about three more targets in the city. Conferring with Randvi, Eivor questioned the letter Hytham received and debated whether it would be a trap or not. Nevertheless, Eivor still pledged towards Wincestre.[2] The details of the letter left a code to say when upon arrival: "When pride cometh, then cometh shame. But with the lowly cometh wisdom."

Arriving in Wincestre, Eivor looked for a man in white, as stated in the letter. Locating The Old Minster, Eivor went inside, bypassing the Anglo-Saxon soldiers roaming about the city. Inside the building, Eivor found the man in white, Sigebeald, and relayed the code to him. After speaking the deeds of Christ in order, Eivor followed the priest silently towards a mysterious room. Inside, Eivor spoke with a mysterious figure behind a wall of scrolls. Eivor was shocked when she walked this wall and found King Aelfred to be the figure. Angry, Eivor warned Aelfred of his current danger of talking to her as she blamed him for gifting Sigurd to the Order's warrior, Fulke. However, although his paladin, Aelfred proclaimed that Fulke and the Order are enemies of Wessex and that he was glad that Fulke was no longer a threat. Aelfred then gave another letter of "Poor Fellow-Soldier of Christ" to Eivor and it stated that three members, The Gallows, The Quill, and The Seax, wanted to kill Aelfred. Debating whether to help him, Eivor conceded into ridding the Order's presence in this city. To help, Aelfred told Eivor that his trusted reeve Goodwin was missing and that she may need to check his house for further clues. When leaving, Eivor garnered a clue of The Gallows that stated The Gallows wanted to undermine the king's law reforms.[2]

Upon arriving at Goodwin's house, Eivor took care of the soldiers snooping around and investigated the premise. Eivor found another clue stating that The Gallows had the reeve imprisoned forcibly in a nearby garrison. Going to rescue Goodwin, Eivor came across Wincestre Garrison and looked for the reeve. Looking around the garrison, Eivor then came across disturbing news of reeve Selwyn, who ordered the death of a couple over mud-slinging and petty theft. Eivor then found Goodwin in an underground cell and freed him. After escaping the garrison together, Eivor and Goodwin then spoke with each other about the three targets. Primarly focusing on The Gallows, Goodwin and Eivor deduce that The Gallows is none than a fellow reeve, Selwyn.[2]

Given the task to kill Reeve Selwyn, Eivor headed for the market, where the reeve was going to showcase the execution of the aforementioned couple.[3] After witnessing the husband's execution and the audience's disrespect of the reeve, Eivor moved stealthily around Selwyn and then assassinated him. Thus, Eivor ended his abuse of power over Wincestre.


  • Like other Order members, Selwyn's cutscene in the Memory Corridor differs. At the end of his confession, the darkened tree with hanged people started to lower its rope and then it hanged Selwyn, whose spirit immediately vanished after succumbing to its pull. Selwyn's medallion was dropped from his hands as he was hanged.
  • Selwyn is one of the four Order members that wanted and planned to kill Aelfred, along with The Quill, The Seax, and The Instrument.
  • Selwyn shares similarities with the character Majd Addin in Jerusalem from the 2007 video game Assassin's Creed. Both served as the city's representative of the king—Alfred and Saladin, respectively—and was an overzealous executioner, though he did not sadistically enjoy it as Addin did, nor did he have the crowd's wild support during the executions.[4]