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Selene was an Egyptian resident of Kanopos, who resided in the town with her sons Halius and Icarius during the 1st century BCE.


Like many among the townsfolk, Selene and her sons idolized Icarus, a famous chariot racer from the Prasina Green, the team that both her sons Halius and Icarius were part of. When Icarus died in 48 BCE, memorials were held across town in honor oh him.[1] When Selene and her sons went to pay their respects at a memorial, members of the Veneta Blue jeered at his death, causing Halius to spit in their faces. In retaliation, the Veneta Blues struck him down with a sword and stole a bust of Icarus Selene had crafted before running away.[2]

Selene's younger son Icarius chased after the killers. Fearing for her son's life, Selene begged the Medjay Bayek of Siwa to rescue Icarius and retrieve the bust. Bayek did so, finding Icarius on the shore and retrieving the bust of Icarus from the Kanopos harbor. As a token of appreciation, Selene offered to make an offering to Icarus and the Prasina Green in Bayek's honor, which he declined and asked the offering to be made for his son instead.[2]


  • Σελήνη (Selḗnē) is the Greek word for moon; in Greek mythology, Selene was the goddess who represented the moon. In Hellenic and Roman poetry, that title went to Artemis, and the two were sometimes considered to be one and the same.



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