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Sehetep (died 48 BCE) was the High Priest of Sobek who operated in the Temple of Sobek in Krokodilopolis during the reign of Ptolemy XIII.


Sometime before 48 BCE, a cult of Sobek arose in Krokodilopolis, but it was soon corrupted. The cult fed civilians to crocodiles in secret 'parties' dubbed "Sobek's Secret Feasts."[1] The cult had several tame crocodiles residing at the Temple of Sobek, including the great albino crocodile, Petsuchos, poisoned by Melina the Hibiscus[2], and even slaughtered crocodiles and used their badly mummified corpses to smuggle gold and valuables.[3] At the center of all these schemes was Sehetep. Upon his discovery of Sehetep's role in the cult, the Medjay Bayek of Siwa assassinated Sehetep and brought the cult, and its practices, to an end.[4]



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