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| appearance = ''[[Assassin's Creed: Odyssey]]''
| appearance = ''[[Assassin's Creed: Odyssey]]''
| type = Main
| type = Main
| previous = [[Blood in the Water]]<br>[[Recollections]]<br>[[Full Circle]]
| previous = [[Blood in the Water (Odyssey)]]<br>[[Recollections]]<br>[[Full Circle]]
| next = [[He Waits]]
| next = [[He Waits]]
| source = [[Kassandra]]
| source = [[Kassandra]]

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Seeking Answers was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Realizing she had the information Ardos needed to continue the search for his father, Kassandra knew she'd have to go to him.


With the information she needed in hand, Kassandra returned to Ardos to reveal the truth.

[Collector and/or Swordfish quests complete]

  • Kassandra: You—
  • Ardos: Whatever it was, I didn't steal it.
  • Kassandra: The old caretaker said you—
  • Ardos: Whoa—he told you stuff? Did he tell you anything about my pater?
  • Kassandra: No he didn't, but—
  • Ardos: What about the Collector?

  • Kassandra: ...He said you're like your pater.
  • Ardos: Really?
  • Ardos: That's nice to know.

  • Kassandra: He didn't say anything about your pater either.
  • Ardos: Huh! I could've sworn he knew something!

  • Kassandra: Look, the old caretaker said you—
  • Ardos: Wait, wait, wait!
  • Ardos: And... Swordfish?
  • Ardos: What did he say? You found him right?

  • Kassandra: He said the key goes in the stele.
  • Ardos: Oh! I know where the stele is! But wait—

He scratched his jaw.

  • Ardos: What's this key you're talking about?

  • Kassandra: He said you were a rude little boy that likes to interrupt—
  • Ardos: That's not true!

Kassandra paused and looked at him pointedly.

  • Ardos: Fine. Maybe I get a little excited sometimes.
  • Ardos: What were you going to say?

(Full Circle complete, regardless of by itself or with the other quests)

  • Kassandra: The old man said you stole something from him.
  • Ardos: No, I didn't!
  • Ardos: Wait.
  • Ardos: What did he accuse me of stealing?
  • Kassandra: The key to the labyrinth. A disk.
  • Ardos: OH!
  • Ardos: You mean this old thing?

Ardos presented the disk, emblazoned with the Minotaur's symbol.

  • Ardos: I always wondered what it was for.
  • Kassandra: Swordfish mentioned there was a place to put the disk—in a stele.
  • Ardos: Ooh! So what do we do now?
  • Kassandra: If we put the disk into the stele, the entrance to the labyrinth should open.

She knelt down to look up at Ardos.

  • Kassandra: Then I see about a minotaur.
  • Ardos: And... and you'll save my pater too right?

  • Kassandra: I promised I'd save your pater, didn't I?
  • Ardos: You're the best, misthios!
  • Kassandra: Your pater and I will be back before you know it.
  • Ardos: Let's head to the entrance and try out the disk!

  • Kassandra: Ardos. I don't—

She stood up.

  • Kassandra: I don't think your pater is still -
  • Ardos: He's alive! I know it! We just have to hurry!

In addition, Kassandra received Theseus' Gauntlets.

  • Kassandra: Looks like a piece of Theseus' armor.


Kassandra claimed the disc that served as the key to the labyrinth from Ardos, who unknowingly held it the entire time, and the two made their way back to the entrance of the Labyrinth of Lost Souls.


  • While three quests become available at the end of Myths and Minotaurs and fall under the umbrella of Of Minotaurs and Men, only Full Circle is actually required to open the labyrinth. 'Of Minotaurs and Men' will automatically complete alongside this quest, but the other two quests will remain available.
  • Dialogue choices made during this quest will affect Ardos' dialogue in the following quest, if he is later told that Nikios is dead.


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