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ACS Secret of London Box

One of the music boxes

The Secrets of London were a collection of music boxes scattered throughout London by the Assassin Michel Reuge; inside the music boxes were discs, marked with the Assassin insignia, that acted as keys for Reuge's Vault, in which he presumably hid a Piece of Eden. When all the discs were found by the British Assassins Evie and Jacob Frye, the Aegis, an outfit worn by Minerva during war, was unlocked from the vault, and Evie claimed it for herself.


ACS Notebook 1

But I will find Bonny Maud, merry mad Maud And seek whate'er betides her Yet I will love beneath or above The dirty earth that hides her.

ACS Notebook 2

While I do sing, any food Feeding drink or clothing? Come dame or maid, be not afraid, Poor Tom will injure nothing.

ACS Notebook 3

With a thought a look for Maudlin, And a cruse of cockle pottage, With a thing thus tall, Sky bless you all, I befell into this dotage.

ACS Notebook 4

I slept not since the Conquest, Till then I never waked, Till the rougish boy of love where I lay Me found and stript me naked.

ACS Notebook 5

I know more than Apollo, For oft when he lies sleeping I see stars as mortal wars In the wounded welkin weeping.

ACS Notebook 6

The moon embraced her shepherd, And the Queen of Love her warrior, While the first doth horn the star of morn, And the next the heavenly farrier.

ACS Notebook 7

Of thirty bare years have I Twice twenty been enraged And of forty been three times fifteen In durance soundly caged.

ACS Notebook 8

On the lordly lofts of Bedlam With stubble soft and dainty, Brave bracelets strong, sweet whips, ding-dong, With wholesome hunger plenty.

ACS Notebook 9

When I short have shorn my sour-face And swigged by horny barrel In an oaken inn, I pound my skin As a suit of gilt apparel.

ACS Notebook 10

The moon's my constant mistress, And the lonely owl my marrow; The flaming drake and the night crow make Me music to my sorrow.

ACS Notebook 11

The spirits white as lightning Would on my travels guide me The stars would shake and the moon would Whenever they espied me.


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