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Ezio activating the secret mechanism that indicated an Assassin Tomb

Secret locations were memories that involved a combination of freerunning and puzzle solving. Many of these locations were scattered throughout Italy and Constantinople, and were explored by the Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze during the Renaissance, and by other Assassins in future periods.

The locations were mainly an optional element, with the exception of the Assassin Tomb inside the Santa Maria Novella, the Lair of Romulus inside the Terme di Traiano, and the four locations traversed in order to collect the Masyaf Keys. However, they offered various additional benefits once they had been fully explored, such as the armor and weapons of key Assassin and Templar figures, or a substantial sum of money.

Renaissance Italy

Assassin Tombs

Ezio recovering one of the Assassin Seals

The Assassin Tombs were seven landmarks around Italy, each containing the tomb of an Assassin who was said to have "protected the freedom of mankind when it was most threatened". All tombs, with the exception of Domenico Auditore's, contained seals, which were collectively used to obtain the Armor of Altaïr within the sanctuary beneath the Villa Auditore.

Templar Lairs

Ezio hiding from the Templars in the Palazzo Medici

The Templar Lairs hid treasure that presumably belonged to and funded the activities of the Templar Order, with the exception of the Palazzo Medici, which was the abode of the Assassin-allied Medici family, being attacked by soldiers of the Templar-allied Pazzi family in 1479. All of these could be accessed through a wooden door marked with a large red cross.


Ezio in a Lair of Romulus

Secret locations were also found in Rome, in the form of Lairs of Romulus. There were six of them in total, located throughout the city at various landmarks. Additionally, there were also two Templar Lairs that could be found in Rome.

Completing all of the Lairs of the Followers of Romulus would allow Ezio to obtain two of the treasures they guarded, which were the armor and dagger of Brutus. Through traversing these locations, Ezio also obtained documents that gave background details on the cult, as well as the Assassin Marcus Junius Brutus, a Roman senator during the time of Gaius Julius Caesar.[2]

Lairs of Romulus

Templar Lairs


In Constantinople, there were many secret locations that could be explored.[3]

Masyaf Keys

Ezio retrieving the Masyaf Key from Maiden's Tower

As the main focus for Ezio Auditore's search for knowledge, he sought out the locations of the keys to the library of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad. A map to each location could be found in rare books, which were hidden within the city of Constantinople.


As well as locations that hid the Keys, two other secret locations resided in the city.

Golden Age of Piracy



Seven Years' War


Colonial America

Peg Leg trinkets

Ratonhnhaké:ton arriving at the Edinburgh Castle

Collecting trinkets for a man nicknamed "Peg Leg" allowed Ratonhnhaké:ton to explore secret locations in the search of William Kidd's hidden treasure. These locations were unlocked after giving the trinkets to Peg Leg, to which the Assassin could access these locations by interacting with Robert Faulkner.



  • Ezio could encounter a large figure in Santa Maria della Visitazione.
  • In Amunet's tomb at the Basilica di San Marco, the banners clearly showed the poison seal, despite her Assassin seal bearing the symbol of a snake. This can be explained by the fact that the snake used by her was a venomous one.
  • Alexandre Amancio explained that the Secret Locations' design came about as at the time they were unable to allow players to enter such elaborate locations seamlessly.[5]