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A seax is a short blade developed by early medieval Germanic people. The Saxons derive their name from the weapon.

Weapon Statistics

Viking Age (9th century)

Anglo Saxon England

Name Alignment Stats Attributes Availability
Drengiligr Wolf Deploy a Smoke Bomb on Kill when outnumbered Complete The Lost Drengir of Ragnar Lothbrok
Huldufolk Blade Raven Purchase the Huldufolk Pack
Hundtoth Bear Increases Critical Chance when low Health
Health Threshold: 50%
Bonus: +10.0 Critical Chance.
Bought from merchants for 370 silver
Kopis Raven Restore a low amount of Health for each Critical Hit Complete Storming the Walls
Ljosalfar Blade Bear Purchase for 350 Helix Credits
Mōdraniht Ceremonial Seax Bear Increase Critical Chance after a Kill. Purchase during Yuletide event
Suttungr's Claw Wolf Increase Critical Damage after each hit. [up to 10 times] Loot chest in Venta Belgarum bureau
Yngling Seax Raven Increases Melee Damage after a dodge
Duration: 2.5
Bonus: +15.0 Melee Damage

Norse Gaelic Ireland

Name Alignment Stats Attributes Availability
Iberian Seax Raven Temporarily increase Critical Chance after a Dodge Traded for in Dublin, Ireland