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Eivor wielding the flawless tier of the Scythe of Revolt

The Scythe of Revolt was a scythe that the Viking jarlskona Eivor Varinsdottir found underground of Sainte-Geneviève Church in late 9th century Paris, West Francia.

Throughout her journey in West Francia, Eivor assisted Sigfred by tracking down and assassinating Bishop Engelwin, who killed his brother and Toka's father, Sinric. After finding Engelwin's sanctum and then killing him, Eivor garnered a key and a strange crest of the Bellatores Dei from his personal effects.[1] Probing the underground area, Eivor unlocked the door to Engelwin's quarters and retrieved the Scythe of Revolt from a wall.[2]

Weapon statistics

Class Attack Speed Stun Critical Chance Weight Perks Availability
162 48 174 96 11 Increase Speed when surrounded by 3 or more enemies Collect from Engelwin's quarters during Majesty in the Dark
The prized tool of a reputable farm leader who turned it into a weapon the day he turned rebel.




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