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ACB Schiavona

The Schiavona

A schiavona is a type of basket-hilted sword prominent during the Italian Renaissance. Characterized by its wide, double-edged blade, it was still a powerful choice of weapon as late as the French Revolution.


ACU Schiavona

A late 18th century schiavona from Paris

Like all basket-hilted swords, the schiavona is distinguished by its elaborate guard consisting of intricately twisting bars of metal. Depending on the model in question, the guard may cover the entire hilt, serving as an effective protection for the wielder's hand.[1][2][3][4] Basket-hilted swords are also occasionally known as broadswords, and the schiavona in particular is an epitome of this name; its double-edged blade is often far wider than even other basket-hilted swords.[1][2][3] These great blades tended to be especially deadly, and the schiavona ranked among the most effective swords of Italy during the Renaissance.[1][2] While its contemporary counterparts in the Ottoman Empire were of inferior make,[3] schiavonas present in France at the end of the 18th century were of exceptional craftsmanship, surpassed in that period in Paris only by Swords of Eden.[4]


The schiavona was a popular weapon in Italy during the Renaissance and was widely sold in blacksmith shops across many cities such as Florence, Venice, Forlì, San Gimignano, Monteriggioni, and Rome.[1][2] From 1511 to at least 1512, blacksmiths in Constantinople, capital of the Ottoman Empire, also supplied these swords though they were of inferior quality.[3] By the time of the French Revolution centuries later, schiavonas were still being produced, and those available in Parisian markets at the time were priced at 200,000 livres, making it the most expensive sword on the market in that turbulent years. Its price reflected its status as the most powerful human-forged sword in Paris then alongside the Cinquedea which although matched its deadliest was nevertheless cheaper.[4]

Weapon statistics

Era Level Damage Speed Deflect Range Cost Modifiers Availability
Italian Renaissance (15th c.) N/A 4 5 4 Not specified 25,000ƒ N/A Sequence 8
Italian Renaissance (16th c.) N/A 4 2 2 Not specified 10,400ƒ N/A Sequence 7
Ottoman era N/A 3 2 3 Not specified N/A N/A Sequence 2
French Revolution * * * * * 8 4 8 2 200,000₣ Additional damage: +25%


  • Historically, the schiavona was a late form of broadsword developed during the 16th century. Its use grew quite popularly over the next few decades, and the schiavona and other basket-hilted swords of its kind were wielded extensively throughout Renaissance Italy.
  • The name descends from their use by the Balkan mercenaries who served as bodyguards to the Doge of Venice. The mercenary groups consisted largely of Istrian and Dalmatian Slavs, known as the Schiavoni, hence the name.
  • The Schiavona can be obtained in Assassin's Creed: Revelations through Uplay.
  • The only difference between the Cinquedea and the Schiavona in Assassin's Creed: Unity is their model since their stats are identical though the Schiavona is more expensive than the Cinquedea.



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