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Critical Comedown was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Pierre Beaumarchais tasked Arno to steal Mademoiselle Montansier's diary, which recorded the secrets of important people.


  • Beaumarchais: Arno! Are you in the mood to go to a party?
    Mademoiselle Montansier oversees several "actresses" who have intimate liaisons with important people. Any secrets their lovers tell them are sent to Montansier. Those secrets could help move the Revolution in a more fruitful direction. Mademoiselle is hosting a party at her home just north of the Temple. It would be the perfect opportunity to steal them.

Arno infiltrated the party.

  • Montansier: Welcome, friends! Wine! Wine for everyone! I'm going to perform a speech later on. Perhaps from Phaedra. Let's all get a little drunk first, though, shall we?
  • Politician: Are you an actress as well?
  • Woman: I'm sorry, what position do you hold?
  • Politician: Oh, I've just assumed a seat on the Committee of Public Safety.
  • Woman: Why yes, I am an actress. Perhaps you care to arrange for a private performance.

Arno found a copy of the newspaper Le Père Duchesne.

  • Newspaper: Le Père Duchesne
    May 1790
    Mlle. Montansier is about to present another of her trifles. She does well to avoid any political subject matter, as her royalist tendencies cannot be hidden. But are the citizens of Paris expected to endure salacious amusements concercing infidelity among the aristos? At this critical stage of history? Leave our dear Mademoiselle to her pretty costumes and other frippery. We true Parisians have better things to do with our energies!

Arno found a letter to Montansier from one of her employees.

  • Letter: Dearest Mlle,
    I must say, the Count d'Erpin has unusual predilections! But he is very rich, and I'm grateful you introduced us. I have not yet succeeded in gathering the specific information you seek, but next week his wife will be away in the country, and we plan several intimate evenings.
    I would also like to talk to you about a part for me in the up-coming production of Les Époux mécontents. I believe I would perform charmingly as the ingénue.

Arno found a partially burnt diary page in a fireplace.

  • Page: Dear Diary,
    Everything is going well. The new play is set to open and everyone who is anybody has promised to attend. Of course, several of my former lovers will be there, and that is sometimes awkward, but c'est la vie!

    The agents of the Black Office are most pleased with the information I have gathered. I have become an intriguer! It's as profitable as a hit show!

Arno stole the diary and returned to Beaumarchais.

  • Beaumarchais: Ah! The diary of Mademoiselle Montansier! It will prove excellent entertainment, I'm certain!


Arno stole Montansier's diary, allowing Beaumarchais to gain valuable information.


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