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Scars was a virtual representation of one of Shay Cormac's genetic memories stored in the Helix, relived by a research analyst through the Animus.


Having sailed to Albany, Shay and Gist found the city in turmoil, with Colonel Monro's troops clashing against Kesegowaase's forces.


The Morrigan neared Albany's harbor.

  • Gist: Damn the Devil! What happened here?
  • Shay: Kesegowaase!
  • Gist: Then we are too late.
  • Shay: No. Fort Frederick is nearby, I'm sure the Colonel can hold it.
  • Gist: You heard the Captain, lads! Make haste!

Shay docked the Morrigan.

  • Shay: Keep her safe while I'm gone, Gist.
  • Gist: Aye, Captain.

He then went ashore and made his way through Albany.

  • Gang member 1: Get out here!
  • Civilian 1: This is my home! I'm staying!
  • Gang member 2: Come out, come out, wherever you are!
  • Civilian 2: Oh no, I'm staying in... Just like Colonel Monro said. Yes sir... just like he said.
  • Gang member 3: What you doin' out and about?
Scars 12

Shay moving through Albany

  • Civilian 3: I should have gone to the fort...
  • Gang member 4: Where do you think you're going?
  • Civilian 4: Get away from me!

Shay reached Fort Frederick, coming to the aid of Colonel Monro's troops.

  • Soldiers: This is it, boy! Inside, quick!
  • Monro: Barricade that breach!
  • Soldier 1: Yes, sir!
  • Soldier 2: Do not let more in! Attack! Attack!
  • Soldier 1: More ammunition, sir!
  • Monro: Reinforce the south wall!
  • Soldier 2: Fire at will!
  • Soldier 1: They're everywhere!
  • Monro: Man your positions!
Scars 2

Monro attempting to give Shay the manuscript

Together, they managed to temporarily beat back Kesegowaase's forces.

  • Shay: This is Kesegowaase's work, isn't it?
  • Monro: I believe it is, but I have not yet seen the devil.

Colonel Monro took out the manuscript, intent on handing it to Shay.

  • Monro: The Manuscript. You-
  • Shay: Keep it safe. Bring it to the Morrigan. That's an order.
  • Monro: Who are you to give me orders? I outrank you.
  • Shay: I'm not part of your army, Colonel. I'll take care of the defenses until you get back.

As Colonel Monro departed, Shay spotted Kesegowaase atop the battlements.

  • Shay: Kesegowaase!
  • Kesegowaase: Burn!
    Templar dog!
    Do you truly believe you can best me, traitor?

Shay mortally wounded Kesegowaase using a nearby Puckle gun.

Scars 6

Shay questioning Kesegowaase

  • Kesegowaase: We trained you well... traitor.
  • Shay: Kesegowaase... It didn't have to be this way.
  • Kesegowaase: It did. You are an enemy. Achilles will see you dead.
  • Shay: What he's doing, is wrong!
  • Kesegowaase: Who are you to judge? The Templars will fail. You will fail. Monro... is already... dead.
  • Shay: What do you mean?
  • Kesegowaase: Liam...
  • Shay: Argh!

Shay left Fort Frederick immediately and ran back to the harbor to save Colonel Monro.

  • Soldier 3: The Colonel was heading for the docks!
  • Soldier 4: A huge man with an axe was chasing the Colonel!

Shay reached a burning house, in which the Colonel was trapped.

  • Soldiers: Put out the flames before the fire spreads!
    The Colonel! He's trapped inside!
    Help! Save the Colonel!

Shay carried Colonel Monro out of the burning house.

  • Monro: The Manuscript... An Assassin took it...
  • Shay: Liam. I'll get it back. I swear it!
  • Monro: Shay!
Scars 14

Shay being inducted into the Templar Order

With his dying breath, Monro passed his Templar ring to Shay before succumbing to his wounds. Afterwards, Shay travelled to Fort Arsenal, where he was formally inducted into the Colonial Rite of the Templar Order by its Grand Master, Haytham Kenway.

  • Haytham: Do you swear to uphold the principles of our order and all that for which we stand?
  • Shay: I do.
  • Haytham: And never to share our secrets nor divulge the true nature of our work?
  • Shay: I do.
  • Haytham: And to do so from now until death - whatever the cost?
  • Shay: I do.
  • Haytham: Then we welcome you into our fold, brother. You are now a Templar, harbinger of a New World. May the Father of Understanding guide us.
  • All: May the Father of Understanding guide us.


Shay eliminated Kesegowaase, but Colonel Monro was assassinated by Liam, who managed to steal the manuscript and take it back to the Assassins. Following Monro's death, Shay was formally inducted into the Templar Order.



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