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Sayyid al-Abbas was a Moorish Assassin of the Spanish Brotherhood.

The husband of fellow Assassin Beatriz de Navarrete, Sayyid served as a bureau informant in Barcelona.


Descended from a long line of Moorish Assassins, Sayyid al-Abbas was trained by the Spanish Brotherhood from an early age. He operated as a bureau informant in Barcelona in accordance with his extensive knowledge of the city. At the height of the Reconquista, he made every effort to keep close tabs of the institution's activities in the city.[1]

One day during one of this routine trips to the Spanish sectors, he made the acquaintance of Beatriz de Navarrete, a young, rebellious noble girl who had a habit of sneaking out of her villa at night to engage in Barcelona's night life. The two fell madly in love, a match that was vehemently opposed by Beatriz's conservative parents. When her parents threatened to disown her lest she accept an arranged marriage with a captain of the Spanish Army, Sayyid presented Beatriz with an escape. He proposed to her, and the girl happily agreed to elope with him and join the Assassin Brotherhood.[1]

Personality and traits

Among his comrades, Sayyid al-Abbas was respected as one of their best tacticians, particularly for high-risk missions. His masterful handling of perilous operations stemmed from his capacity to maintain focus even in the most stressful of situations. He was a man possessed of a preternatural calm that would not give way even under intense pressure. Far from making him an aloof individual, his cool temperament was soothing to his friends, who even found his kindness charming.[1]