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Say That Again! was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra came across a blacksmith and his apprentice squabbling in Messara.


While in the Daktyls Depleted Mine, Kassandra came across a blacksmith and his apprentice.

  • Blacksmith: I told you to be careful with it.
  • Civilian: You were the one not paying attention...
  • Blacksmith: What did you say?
  • Civilian: Nothing. You're absolutely perfect, boss.

Kassandra approached both of them.

  • Kassandra: Something happen to your shipment?
  • Blacksmith: Huh?
  • Kassandra: Did something happen to your shipment?
  • Blacksmith: Yes, idiots happened. They dropped it and shattered my obsidian glass.
  • Civilian: You were carrying it too.
  • Blacksmith: Did you say something, whelp?
  • Civilian: I said "curse those clumsy fools!"
  • Blacksmith: Exactly. Now I need more obsidian. If you can bring me some, misthios, my finest blade shall be yours. Do we have a deal?

  • Kassandra: I'll get you your—
  • Blacksmith: What? Is that a yes? Did he say—
  • Civilian: He sure did, boss! Idiot.
  • Blacksmith: Wonderful. My apprentice here will tell you where to find the obsidian.
  • Civilian: Thanks for doing this, 'else he wouldn't have shut up. There are stashes of the stuff in the Temple of Britomartis and the Sunken Ruins. If you have any questions, point them at me. I've had enough of his booming voice for one day.

(If players choose "Where are the ruins?")

  • Kassandra: These ruins you mentioned, where are they?
  • Civilian: The Sunken Ruins are on the west coast of Messara. Fair warning, though—they're infested with sharks.
  • Kassandra: Good to know.

(If players choose "Where is the temple?")

  • Kassandra: Tell me where to find it.
  • Civilian: The Temple of Britomartis is northwest of Kydonia. But there are guards roaming about—be careful.

(If players choose "What's with the shouting?")

  • Kassandra: What's wrong with him?
  • Civilian: Where would you like me to begin? He's spent all his life in front of the forge. He can barely hear a thing. Watch. You smell gross today, you old toad.
  • Blacksmith: That's very sweet of you to say—You too smell like a rose.
  • Civilian: The trick is to just smile when you say anything. You should try it.

(If players choose "Can I try?")

  • Kassandra: You're looking really good today.
  • Blacksmith: "Put the wood in the gay?" I'm a blacksmith, silly misthios. I deal with iron, not wood.

Kassandra and the apprentice laughed. (If players choose "Leave – I've got enough information.")

  • Kasssandra: I've got all I neeed. I'll be back with the obsidian glass.
  • Civilian: He's going to get your stuff now.
  • Blacksmith: Wonderful. Return quickly, misthios.
  • Civilian: Please hurry, my ears can't take any more of his complaining.

After obtaining enough obsidian glass, Kassandra returned to the blacksmith and his apparentice.

  • Kassandra: Here's your obsidian glass.
  • Civilian: Excellently done, misthios.
    He got the stuff.
  • Blacksmith: Well done, misthios. Take my blade. May it serve you well.
  • Civilian: Now he'll finally shut up for a bit!
  • Blacksmith: I heard that.

  • Kassandra: This should be enough.
  • Civilian: You are well-stocked. You a merchant or a misthios, eh?
  • Blacksmith: Excellent! This will do fine. Here you go, misthios. As promised.


Kassandra helped the blacksmith to recover some obsidian glass, obtaining a sword as a reward.


  • If players already has sufficient obsidian glass in hand, then additional dialogue options will be available, allowing players to complete the memory right away.


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