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Saucy Jack was a virtual representation of one of Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Arthur Weaversbrook asks Evie Frye to make sure one of the writers of so-called Ripper Letters isn't actually Jack the Ripper.


  • Arthur Weaversbrook: Miss Frye... I have helped spread the Ripper's terror through my newspapers. I want to make amends for my part in forging this monster's legend.
    Miss Frye. A new letter has arrived to fan the flames of hysteria which have seen this - the world's first city! - slip into primeval barbarity. You must make sure this author will not act...

Evie left Arthur, and located the suspect. She tailed him through the borough to a place where he stopped to brag to his friends.

  • Suspect: The Ripper has captured the world's attention, maybe some good will come out of it... the east end needs to change...

Evie frightened the man, and then caught him.

  • Suspect: I confess. I wrote that letter, but it was politically motivated. Citizens are starting to demand reforms in this city, the people of Whitechapel need help, better living conditions...

Evie let the man go, and he fled.


Evie learned the truth behind the letter, earning her Arthur Weaversbrook's gratitude.


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