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ACO Sau Village

Sau Village

Sau Village was a small Egyptian village located in the southwest corner of the Sap-Meh Nome, situated within the ruins of an abandoned temple.

In 48 BCE, the Medjay Bayek of Siwa passed through the village, meeting the wife of a local tanner. She explained the growing demand for her husband's services, and her husband's inability to supply enough. She then suggested the Medjay help her husband with his work, directing him to his hunting camp northwest of the village.[1]

Bayek also learned about The Serpent of Serapis, a legendary spear forged by Sokar, a blacksmith from Sais. Speaking with the blacksmith, Bayek was directed to Lake Mareotis, where he could retrieve the spear from the soldier of Sefetu, who had stolen the spear.[2]



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