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"A Greek god where an Egyptian god once stood."
―Medjay Bayek of Siwa, 48 BCE.
ACO Sarapeion of Karanis

Sarapeion of Karanis

The Sarapeion of Karanis, also referred to as the Karanis Temple, was a Greco-Egyptian temple to Serapis located in Karanis, Faiyum, during the 1st century BCE.


Originally an Egyptian temple, it was built over and redecorated to suit the worship of Greco-Egyptian amalgamation god, Serapis, over several years up to 48 BCE, and the work continued, despite multiple setbacks.[1]

In 48 BCE the Medjay Bayek of Siwa visited the temple. A gruesome murder scene caught his attention, and he helped the local Phylakitai, Epigonos, to solve a series of acts of vandalism and murders of Greek priests in the temple. As Bayek found out, a cult of Wadjet was the culprit. However, Bayek was able to prevent them from assassinating the High Priest of the temple.[2]

Following the end of the cult, the defaced statue of Serapis was cleaned up, and all traces of the cult's deeds, save for a bit of green paint, were removed.[1]

Around the same time, Bayek found one of the Papyrus Puzzles within the temple.[3]


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