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AC4 Santanillas


The Santanillas, also known as the Swan Islands, is a chain of three islands located in the northwestern Caribbean Sea.

During the height of the Mayan civilization, the Santanillas featured two large temples, side by side. They were abandoned along with the rest of the islands when the Mayans left. Located in the middle of a rocky formation known as "the Devil's Backbone", the islands are almost always covered in a continual fog, making navigation around the rocks difficult. 

In 1719, while being pursued by the pirate Edward Kenway, the Templar Benjamin Hornigold's ship, the Benjamin, ran aground on the Santanillas. Hornigold made his way to the summit of one of the Mayan temples, and posted his men on the islands, but Kenway managed to bypass them, scaled the structure and assassinated the Templar.




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