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The Sanctuary of Kosmos

The Sanctuary of Kosmos, also referred to as the Temple of Kosmos and the Cave of Gaia, was the main hideout and meeting place of the Cult of Kosmos, located beneath the Sanctuary of Delphi in Phokis, Greece.

Though the entry into the sanctuary was inconspicuous, beyond it laid a natural cave, touched up by human architecture, leading ultimately into a grand hall with a platform surrounded by water. In the middle of the platform was a glowing artifact, and above it was a large bronze sculpture of a snake, coiled around the stalagmites and stalactites, its jaws wide open, referencing the legend of the Python and the Omphalos.[1] On the platform was also a bowl for blood sacrifices. A treasury of the Cult was located on one side of the cavern.[2]


The Serpents Lair - Assassins Creed Odyssey

The main entrance into the Sanctuary

In 431 BCE, on the advice of Herodotos and with his help, the Spartan misthios Kassandra infiltrated the Sanctuary, wearing the robes and the mask she had taken from Elpenor.[3] Within, Kassandra found many Cultists, and learned more about the Cult and its goals as she explored the cavern and talked with the members of the Cult. She also witnessed a member of the Cult interrogating and threatening people. Ultimately Kassandra also met Deimos, the weapon of the Cult.[2]

Nine years later, after Kassandra had succeeded in wiping out every member of the Cult's seven branches, she learned the identity of the Ghost of Kosmos and was directed back to the sanctuary. Kassandra came again into contact with the pyramidal artifact and received glimpses of a future where her ideals survived. Kassandra was then greeted by Aspasia, the Ghost. After a brief confrontation, Aspasia left.[4]





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