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San Diego in 2015

San Diego is a city in California, United States.


Since at least 2015, Charlotte de la Cruz lived in an apartment in the city. She spent her time playing Abstergo Entertainment's Helix, preferring to play as the Assassins. On 15 September, she went for a big interview for World Share. Unable to hold the CEO's attention, Charlotte stormed out once she realized the job would go to the woman's daughter. After the interview, Charlotte returned to her hated teller job at the Malta Banking Corporation. As an act of kindness, Charlotte transferred ten thousand dollars to the account of Ms. Morehead, after learning that Morehead's insurance would not cover her daughter's healthcare. However, as she headed home, Charlotte realized this act would likely lead to her getting fired.[1]

When she went home in the evening, she was unexpectedly greeted by Assassins Xavier Chen and Galina Voronina inside her apartment. Already well aware of the Assassin Brotherhood, she instantly accepted their offer of recruitment, but within moments, her apartment was stormed by three Templars feigning to be from World Share and seeking to kill them. Though Xavier and Galina dispatched the assailants, Charlotte was knocked unconscious when she narrowly failed a leap from her balcony to the other roof.[1]