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Élise: "They're escaped slaves. Hired from San Danje."
Aveline: "The shanty town?"
Élise: "Oui (Yes), though it barely deserves the name – a cramped, miserable place..."
—Aveline and Élise on San Danje, 1766.[src]-[m]
AC3L San Danje

San Danje

San Danje was a small settlement for escaped slaves, located in the northeastern region of the Louisiana Bayou during the 18th century.

Although it served as a temporary place of residence for most, the town did have its share of permanent inhabitants, such as the houngan, who acted as a guardian of sorts. The village also boasted a tailor shop, weapon shop and dressing chamber.


Aveline: "I'm investigating new reports of disappearances. Are you missing anyone?"
Houngan: "It does seem that way. But so many rest here before moving on, it is not always apparent where or why a man has gone."
—Aveline and the houngan discussing the kidnappings, 1768.[src]-[m]

In 1766, some of the town's residents joined a nascent cult that was becoming increasingly powerful in the swamp. The houngan of San Danje subsequently became wary of the band of followers, believing their leader to be a dark influence on the settlement's denizens. When the Assassin Aveline de Grandpré and her smuggler ally Élise Lafleur visited the village on Saint John's Eve, he agreed to help the pair in removing the cult from the bayou, divining the location of the leader's voodoo ceremony.[1]

However, residents of San Danje disappeared even after the cult had been dealt with. This prompted Aveline to return to the settlement in 1768, consulting the houngan for additional information. He advised her to seek out Élise, who was also in town, as she frequently hired men from San Danje to work for her.[1]

In 1776, supplies for Patriots fighting in the American Revolutionary War, which were sent by the governor of Louisiana, Luis de Unzaga, frequently passed through San Danje, with the smugglers then delivering it to the rebels at the edge of the swamp.[1]


  • San Danje was the only location in the bayou where Aveline was able to reduce her notoriety.
  • "San Danje" was phonetically identical to the French "sans danger", meaning "safe, without danger", referencing the village's status as a safe haven for refugees.