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This article is about the Templar. You may be looking for the captain of a similar name.
Smith: "No! Do you even know what that is?"
Shay: "An ancient artifact, a treasure from Those Who Came Before."
Smith: "Yes... It matters not... Some of the greatest scientific minds of all Europe could not... make it... work..."
—Samuel Smith's final moments, 1754.[src]

Samuel Smith (unknown – 1754) was a member of the British Rite of the Templar Order, operating in and around Great Britain's Thirteen Colonies in the 18th century.

The treasurer of the Templars in the colonies, Smith was tasked by Lawrence Washington to safeguard the mysterious artifact known as the Precursor box.


Early life

"Smith controls most of the Templars' wealth, doesn't he? With him out of the way..."
―The Chevalier de la Vérendrye on Smith, 1754.[src]

Little to nothing is known about Smith's early life. Abstergo Entertainment suspects that he was born in Virginia, where he showed some skill as a sailor. At some point, he became the treasurer for one of Master Templar Lawrence Washington's businesses, and by extension, the Templar Order. Smith also got along well with fellow Templar Christopher Gist, who claimed to enjoy drinking with him.

Guarding the Precursor box

"My sources informed me that Samuel Smith has searched far and wide, looking for answers on how to make that strange box work. He just returned from Europe."
―Le Chasseur to Shay Cormac, 1754.[src]

In 1751, Washington stole the Precursor box and the Manuscript from François Mackandal, Mentor of the Haitian Assassins during the chaos of an earthquake. Smith was subsequently tasked with activating the box, while his fellow Templar James Wardrop was tasked with translating the Manuscript. Despite seeking the assistance of learned people in New York and native tribes, the Templars were unable to make the artifacts work.

Weeks, Wardrop and Smith meeting with Washington

In July 1752, Smith, Wardrop and Jack Weeks met with Washington at his mansion in Mount Vernon in the midst of a garden party. Already dying of tuberculosis, Washington sent his brother George away, and asked his subordinates to keep him out of Templar affairs, wishing no potential harm to his sibling.

Respecting Washington's wishes, Smith informed him that he was prepared to leave for Europe, where he intended to activate the box with the help of the continent's various scientists. Soon afterwards, Washington was killed by the Assassin Shay Cormac, although in the process, Smith, Wardrop and Weeks were able to escape. With Washington dead, Smith answered to Wardrop, who was now in charge of the Templars in the colonies. Despite the assistance of Europe's greatest scientists, Smith was unable to activate the box.


Shay: "I don't feel much like celebrating, Liam... I know we have to get these artifacts back, but at what cost? Samuel Smith... He could barely hold his sword straight. Killing him was..."
Liam: "Necessary."
—Shay and Liam O'Brien after Smith's death, 1754.[src]

Smith returned to the colonies in 1754. Intending to meet with Wardrop at an encampment on Terra Nova, Smith refitted his schooner, the Equitas. At this time, he was pursued by Shay and his fellow Assassins Liam O'Brien and Louis-Joseph Gaultier, Chevalier de la Vérendrye, who acted on information from the spy Le Chasseur. Not wishing to lose the box, the Assassins were careful not to sink the Equitas.

During the chase, Smith led the Assassins' ship, the Morrigan, into an ambush. After the Morrigan sunk the ambushing ships, Smith tried to stop the Assassins using burning oil, and docked at Terra Nova.

Smith's final moments

Despite this, the Morrigan evaded the oil, and Shay went after Smith. In the refuge of his camp, Smith attempted to dissuade Shay from killing him, claiming that the Assassins were simply using him. However, Shay soon assassinated the defenseless Smith with his Hidden Blade from above. As Shay took the box, the dying Smith told him that the Assassins' victory was hollow, the greatest scientists of Europe having failed to activate the artifact.


  • In 2015, his name was on a list of known British Templars used by the Templar Isabelle Ardant.
  • Even after assassination of Samuel Smith, his database entry still shows as it is unknown when he has died.