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"Listen, the Regulars are out. You need to rally your men... And put on some trousers!"
―Paul Revere to Samuel Prescott, 1775.[src]

Samuel Prescott (1751 – c. 1777) was an American doctor in the Continental Army and a Patriot during the American Revolutionary War.


Prescott was born in 1751 and raised in the area around Concord. He apprenticed under his father, Abel Prescott, for seven years and opened up a practice in Concord. Evidence suggests he became a member of the patriot movement during his apprenticeship and worked as a courier for the Sons of Liberty.

On 18 April 1775, Prescott was visiting his fiancée Lydia Mulliken near Lexington. That night, Paul Revere and the Assassin Connor arrived at Mulliken's residence and requested a half-dressed Prescott to aid them in warning militia troops of an impending raid by the British Army. Because Prescott lived in Concord, he knew the area well, and he rode there with Revere and William Dawes.

When they arrived, they were stopped by a British patrol. Revere was captured and Dawes lost his horse, forcing him to hide in a barn for several hours. Prescott, however, had his horse jump over a wall, and continued on to Concord to warn the militia. Thanks to his actions, the militia won the following Battles of Lexington and Concord.

Prescott's life after the Midnight Ride is poorly documented. There are records that he died as a British prisoner in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It is also possible that he left with the British on Evacuation Day, but it is not known how he was captured.




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