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Saklas was a high ranking official part of an Isu triad of which she was the "Mother of Wisdom".[1]


On day 24 of year 2161 of the Isu Era, alongside her two counterparts, the "Father of Understanding" Yaldabaoth and the "Sacred Voice" Samael, Saklas was tasked to start the preparatory work for Project Anthropos, an Isu initiative to create a new workforce, the human species. While Yaldabaoth was in charge of the production and Samael was responsible for recruiting the talents required to achieve the project, Saklas was responsible for the design.[1]

Behind the scenes

In Gnosticism, Neoplatonism, and several other Western mystery traditions, Saklas is one of the many names of the Demiurge, an omnipotent supreme entity who is believed to have created humans and imbued them with souls, while also trying to limit mankind's knowledge by forbidding them the fruits of paradise. Her peers Yaldabaoth and Samael are also among those names.[2]



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